18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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Question No. 18(a)

.ART Top Level Domain

18(a).1 Mission of the .ART TLD

The mission of the .ART TLD is to be the designated namespace for all individuals, groups, businesses, organizations, and entities that engage in the provision of services, products, or information related to art.

18(a).2 Value Proposition of the .ART TLD

The .ART TLD is the online standard for services, products, and information related to art.

18(a).3 The Purpose of .ART

The .ART TLD will be an Internet space that facilitates the distribution of ideas, services, products, and information related to art by means of, but not limited to, websites, social networks, email, and other technologies. MLG will be adapting and broadening the scale and scope of these activities to ensure the successful launch of the .ART TLD.

MLG has a plan to develop, build, and sustain a unique value proposition for the .ART TLD, and a marketing strategy to ensure that the maximum number of people and organizations are aware of how a .ART domain can enhance their value proposition or other goals, whether commercial or non-commercial in nature. A .ART domain will provide a competitive advantage to registrants through a multitude of scenarios. MLG’s delivery of the .ART value proposition will provide an additional incentive for registrants acquiring .ART domains to leverage their resources and capabilities and develop their unique place on the World Wide Web.

MLG believes in being nimble, flexible, and well funded, with a long term vision for the .ART TLD. We have the ingenuity and partnerships to market and develop .ART in a manner that:
(1) quickly establishes a base of .ART registrants that will immediately utilize their .ART domain name to provide Internet users with art related information, products, and services;
(2) preserves the integrity and promotes the development of various country and region specific .ART domains through accredited organizations;
(3) establishes customers who will immediately derive value from a .ART TLD;
(4) protects registered trademark holders without undue cost to them;
(5) builds and protects the value proposition of the .ART TLD;
(6) ensures the continued development of the .ART TLD through competition and innovation; and
(7) leverages assets, resources, and competencies to effectively and efficiently establish a registration base from target registrant markets and all other members of the global community and public who can benefit from an ever expanding .ART TLD.

MLG affirms that the Internet is a transformative technology that continues to empower people around the globe, spur innovation, facilitate trade and commerce, and enable the free and unfettered flow of information. MLG envisions .ART domains to be registered and used by anyone who is interested in communicating about or providing products, services, or information about art. .ART domain registrations will not be restricted and everyone will have an opportunity to register a .ART domain name.

The introduction of a .ART TLD offers numerous benefits and opportunities to anyone that engages in communicating about or providing products, services, or information about art. MLG is committed to fostering competition, consumer trust, and consumer choice within the .ART TLD Internet space and the broader global marketplace. MLG and its partners understand the intrinsic value, rarity, and non-imitability of the .ART TLD and have the expertise, strategy, and capacity to ensure the successful establishment and growth of the .ART TLD. Through our goals, policies, and operating rules, MLG is committed to managing the .ART TLD in a manner that maximizes benefits and mitigates costs for all stakeholders.

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