18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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Question No. 18(c)

18(c).1 Social Cost Minimization

The .CLUB TLD will minimize social costs.

The .CLUB TLD will function with leading-edge technologies and adopt business practices that ensure a trustworthy and positive user experience. MLG will work with registrants and relevant stakeholders through a .CLUB Advisory Board that will continuously garner feedback, advice, and suggestions and when appropriate, suggest practices, technology and policies that help meet and exceed the expectations of .CLUB TLD users. One of MLG’s goals for the .CLUB TLD is to ensure that the .CLUB online infrastructure and aggregation of websites and services encourages Internet users to interact online more frequently and rely on .CLUB domains for all their club related needs.

MLG intends for users to perceive the .CLUB TLD as a trustworthy platform of online information related to clubs. MLG will adopt industry leading standards and policies to provide a safe and legitimate Internet space, and enhance user experience by mitigating security-associated risks as further described in our responses to Questions 26, 27, 28 and 29.

MLG will adopt policies that develop the .CLUB TLD in a manner that provides an easily navigable and predictable domain name space. All of this will enhance users’ experience online by lessening confusion when browsing and interacting online.

18(c).2 .CLUB Advisory Council

A volunteer .CLUB Advisory Council will be established.

We recognize that there are significant interests at stake in the .CLUB TLD. We believe that members of club related industries and other relevant stakeholders, including Internet users in general, will have suggestions and concerns regarding the continued operation and growth of the .CLUB TLD. We believe that these groups should be heard. MLG will establish a non-commercial volunteer .CLUB Advisory Council and additional web-based feedback mechanisms for interested parties. This combination will provide a foundation for all interested parties to express their thoughts and ideas, and will help us develop policies so that the intended benefits of the .CLUB TLD are realized and maximized.

The Advisory Council will be made up of representatives from a broad spectrum of associations, organizations and institutions who have and will indicate an interest in the .CLUB TLD. The Council will be invited to provide MLG with feedback on specific issues as well as valuable advice to the .CLUB management team. These issues may range from policy to the introduction of new services, and the Council will serve as a resource for management as it seeks to incorporate the broadest possible input for important decisions.

18(c).3 Feedback Website

A .CLUB TLD dedicated feedback website will be established.

Members of the broad Internet community should have a means of learning about and commenting on initiatives underway with the .CLUB TLD. Similarly, .CLUB management should be able to tap into the community for input on important issues. To facilitate this communication, MLG will establish a .CLUB feedback website to both inform and solicit input from interested parties. Key elements of the site will include (1) a news feed for up to date information on the development of .CLUB, (2) Discussion forums for posting comments and other items of interest to .CLUB, (3) A polling capability in order to assess interests or needs of the community from time to time.

18(c).4 Domain Name Contention

The .CLUB TLD will adopt current domain name contention policies.

.CLUB will comply with all of ICANN’s requirements for implementation of rights protection mechanisms, including the Trademark Clearinghouse, the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy, and the Uniform Rapid Suspension Policy. MLG will offer additional rights protection mechanisms as described in response to Questions 26, 28 and 29.

MLG will offer a phased launch, consistent with many prior generic TLD domain name launches. First, a Sunrise Period will be offered as required by ICANN, for trademark holders to register domain names that correspond to their marks. If there is more than one qualified Sunrise applicant, then they will be invited to participate in an auction to select the registrant of the contested name. After the close of the Sunrise Period, MLG will conduct a Premium Name Availability Period, accepting applications for registrations of any available .CLUB domain names. In the event of more than one applicant contending for any domain during this Period, all such applicants will be invited to participate in an auction to select the registrant of the contested name. After the Premium Name Availability Period, MLG will make unreserved names generally available for open registration by any interested person or entity, on a first-come⁄first-served basis.

Any changes to pricing plans or other .CLUB policies will be announced well in advance via e-mail to the registered owner of any domains, and via public announcement to all registrars that offer .CLUB registrations all as required by the Registry Agreement. MLG also will make contractual commitments to registrants regarding the magnitude of price escalation upon renewal.

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