18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.lawMerchant Law Group LLPmerchantlaw.comView

Question No. 18(a)

.LAW Top Level Domain

18(a).1 Mission of the .LAW TLD

.LAW’s mission is to be the designated namespace for the world’s legal information and law-related markets and to enable essential people, organizations, and businesses to realize their full potential and the potential of the Internet through a secure, responsible, and conservatively managed TLD.

18(a).2 Value Proposition of .LAW

.LAW is the online standard for legal information, legal industry services, and law-related markets.

18(a).3 The Purpose of .LAW

The .LAW TLD will be an Internet space, managed by MLG, to allow the distribution, marketing, and exchange of information and services relevant to law, by means of, but not limited to, websites, social networks, email, and other technologies. MLG will be adapting and broadening the scale and scope of these activities to ensure the successful launch of the .LAW TLD.

MLG and its .LAW team have the knowledge, experience, and resources to ensure that .LAW will be a viable, differentiated platform for the world’s online legal information and industry services markets that enables people, organizations, and all members of the global legal community to realize their full potential and the potential of the Internet.

MLG has a plan to develop, build, and sustain a unique value proposition for the .LAW TLD, and a marketing strategy to ensure that the maximum number of people and organizations are aware of how a .LAW domain can enhance their value proposition. A .LAW domain will provide a competitive advantage to registrants through a multitude of scenarios. MLG’s delivery of the .LAW value proposition will provide an additional incentive for registrants acquiring .LAW domains to leverage their resources and capabilities and develop their unique place on the World Wide Web.

MLG believes in being nimble, flexible, and well funded, with a long term vision for the .LAW TLD. We have the ingenuity and partnerships to market and develop .LAW in a manner that:
(1)quickly establishes an online legal information base, market, and standard;
(2)preserves the integrity and promotes the development of various country and region specific .LAW domains through accredited organizations;
(3)establishes customers who will immediately derive value from a .LAW TLD;
(4)protects registered trademark holders without undue cost to them;
(5)builds and protects the value proposition of the .LAW TLD;
(6)ensures the continued development of the .LAW TLD through competition and innovation; and
(7)leverages assets, resources and competencies to effectively and efficiently establish a registration base from target registrant markets and all other members of the global legal community and public who can benefit from an ever expanding .LAW TLD.

MLG affirms the Internet is a transformative technology that continues to empower people around the globe, spur innovation, facilitate trade and commerce, and enable the free and unfettered flow of information. MLG envisions .LAW domains to be registered and used by anyone who is interested in communicating about and providing goods, services, and information related to law. .LAW domain registrations will not be restricted and everyone will have an opportunity to register a .LAW domain name.

As a business, MLG will establish and market the .LAW TLD to all law-related professionals, individuals, firms, businesses, and organizations. The competitive advantages of MLG and its partners in the practice of law, in knowledge of the legal industry, in providing registry services, and in marketing, will ensure that the .LAW TLD realizes its full potential on a global basis. .LAW’s competitive advantages will be developed and established through marketing strategy, the sustained delivery of its value proposition and a responsive management team. .LAW will utilize various strategies to target different markets.

.LAW’s largest initial target market will include legal professionals and law firms. This market is competitive due to the proliferation of web presence options. Members of this market have specific needs, including establishing and maintaining a distinct, clear, and credible law-related online presence. An online presence through a .LAW TLD will fulfill the needs of this market due to .LAW’s uniqueness, succinctness, and availability. A differentiation strategy will be utilized to leverage .LAW’s inherent uniqueness and the resources and capabilities of MLG and its partners to compete successfully against other online marketing options and TLD’s.

.LAW’s other target markets include law students, law-related service providers, and law-related organizations and associations. An online presence through a .LAW TLD will provide numerous benefits to members of these markets due to .LAW’s quality service, availability, and uniqueness. Strategies based on competitive registration pricing and leveraging the core competencies of MLG and its partners will garner a critical level of market share and quickly build a quality online foundation for the .LAW TLD.

MLG is well positioned to develop and market the value proposition for the .LAW TLD as the online standard for legal information, legal industry services, and law-related markets. MLG is a well established full service national law firm based in Canada, and developed its core competencies in law as an objective, results-oriented service provider. We understand the business of law, the traditional legal community, the legal support and services community, the emerging global legal community, and emerging trends in law-related industries. MLG has entered into an agreement with CentralNic, a long established global domain name registry, to carry out all back-end registry services and to assist the .LAW management team with the operation and marketing of the .LAW TLD. Together, MLG and CentralNic are uniquely positioned to ensure the initial and long-term success of the .LAW TLD.

MLG is not new to the business of engaging and promoting lawyers around the world. In 2009, MLG supported the development of an innovative, global web-based legal network platform to increase access to lawyers and legal information. This enterprise was in response to research showing that although many groups were involved in trying to consolidate associations and members of the law community, there had been no successful framework built to bring together the world’s network of legal professionals and institutions. The .LAW TLD presents an opportunity to develop and build an online standard for legal information, legal industry services, and law-related markets.

The introduction of a .LAW TLD offers numerous benefits and opportunities to the global legal industry and the online community. MLG will work closely with CentralNic and major registrars to implement a focused marketing strategy with an emphasis on ensuring that the traditional legal community adopts and builds on the .LAW foundation. MLG is committed to fostering competition, consumer trust, and consumer choice within the .LAW TLD Internet space and the broader global marketplace. MLG and its partners understand the intrinsic value, rarity, and non-imitability of the .LAW TLD and have the expertise, strategy, and capacity to ensure the successful establishment and growth of the .LAW TLD. Through our goals, policies, and operating rules, MLG is committed to managing the .LAW TLD in a manner that maximizes benefits and mitigates costs for all stakeholders.

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