18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.CorpDot Registry LLChotmail.comView

“.CORP” was proposed for the sole purpose of eliminating business and consumer vulnerability in a cyber setting. In order to maintain the integrity of that mission and minimize the negative consequences to consumers and business owners, the following policies will be adhered to:
(a) No information collected from any registrant will be used for marketing purposes.
(b) Data collected will not be traded or sold.
(c) All data collected on any registrant will be available to the registrant free of charge.
(d) Registrants will be allowed to correct data inaccuracies as needed.
(e) All data will be kept secure.
DOT Registry will strictly uphold the rules set forth in their registration guidelines in order to accurately service the Community of Registered Corporations and mitigate any negative consequences to consumers or Internet users.
Price structures for the “.CORP” gTLD are designed to reflect the cost of verification within our community requirements and the ongoing cost of operations. Price escalation will only occur to accommodate rising business costs or fees implemented by the Secretaries of State with regard to verifying the “Active” status of a Registrant. Any price increases would be submitted to ICANN as required in our Registry Agreement and will be compiled in a thoughtful and responsible manner, in order to best reduce the affects on both the registrants and the overall retail market.
DOT Registry does not plan to offer registrations to registrants directly therefore our pricing commitments will be made within our Registry–Registrar Agreements. It is our intention that these commitments will percolate down to registrants directly and that the contractual commitments contained within our Registry-Registrar Agreements will be reflected in the retail sale process of our gTLD, thus minimizing the negative consequences that might be imposed on registrants via the retail process.
DOT Registry plans to offer bulk registration benefits to Registrars during the first 6 months of operation. Registrars wishing to purchase bulk registrations of 1,000 names or more would be offered a 5% discount at the time of purchase.With regard to Registrars, DOT Registry shall provide financial incentives for pre-authentication of Registrant data prior to such data being passed to the registry. DOT Registry will provide for lower renewal and bulk registration fees in its RRAs for registrations which have been pre-authenticated and which DOT Regsitry can rely on as accurate data to be entered into its WhoIs database.

Additionally, DOT Registry , through our founders program will provide a 25% discount to founders participants as a participation incentive. It is possible that DOT Registry would offer additional pricing benefits from time to time as relative to the market. All future pricing discounts not detailed in this application will be submitted through the appropriate ICANN channels for approval prior to introduction to the market.

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