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DOT Registry, LLC recognizes the importance of an accurate, reliable, and up-to-date WHOIS database to governments, law enforcement, intellectual property holders, and the public as a whole, and is firmly committed to complying with all of the applicable WHOIS specifications for data objects, bulk access, and lookups as defined in Specifications 4 and 10 to the Registry Agreement and relevant RFCs.

DOT Registry, LLC’s back-end registry services provider, Neustar, has extensive experience providing ICANN and RFC-compliant WHOIS services for each of the TLDs that it operates both as a Registry Operator for gTLDs, ccTLDs, and back-end registry services provider. As one of the first “thick” registry operators in the gTLD space, the WHOIS service provided by DOT Registry, LLC’s registry services operator has been designed from the ground up to display as much information as required by ICANN and respond to a very stringent availability and performance requirement.

Some of the key features of DOT Registry, LLC’s WHOIS services will include:

Fully compliant with all relevant RFCs including 3912;
Production proven, highly flexible, and scalable (DOT Registry, LLC’s back-end registry services provider has a track record of 100% availability over the past 10 years);
Exceeds current and proposed performance specifications;
Supports dynamic updates with the capability of doing bulk updates;
Geographically distributed sites to provide greater stability and performance; and
Search capabilities (e.g., IDN, registrant data) that mitigate potential forms of abuse as discussed below.
DOT Registry, LLC’s registry services operator will provide thick WHOIS services that are fully compliant with RFC 3912 and with Specifications 4 and 10 of the Registry Agreement.

DOT Registry, LLC’s WHOIS service will support port 43 queries, and will be optimized for speed using an in-memory database and a master-slave architecture between SRS and WHOIS slaves. RFC 3912 is a simple text based protocol over TCP that describes the interaction between the server and client on port 43. DOT Registry, LLC’s registry services operator currently processes millions of WHOIS queries per day.

In addition to the WHOIS Service on port 43, DOT Registry, LLC will provide a Web-based WHOIS application, which will be located at www.whois.llc. This WHOIS Web application will be an intuitive and easy to use application for the general public to use. The WHOIS Web application provides all of the features available in the port 43 WHOIS. This includes full and partial search on:
Domain names
Registrant, Technical and Administrative Contacts
The WHOIS web application will also provide features not available on the port 43 service. These include:
Extensive support for international domain names (IDN)
Ability to perform WHOIS lookups on the actual Unicode IDN
Display of the actual Unicode IDN in addition to the ACE-encoded name
A Unicode to Punycode and Punycode to Unicode translator
An extensive FAQ
A list of upcoming domain deletions
DOT Registry, LLC will also provide a searchable web-based WHOIS service in accordance with Specification 4 Section 1.8 The application will enable users to search the WHOIS directory to find exact or partial matches using any one or more of the following fields:
Domain name
Contacts and registrant’s name
Contact and registrant’s postal address, including all the sub-fields described in EPP (e.g., street, city, state or province, etc.)
Registrar ID
Name server name and IP address
Internet Protocol addresses
The system will also allow search using non-Latin character sets which are compliant with IDNA specification
The WHOIS user will be able to choose one or more search criteria, combine them by Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) and provide partial or exact match regular expressions for each of the criterion name-value pairs. The domain names matching the search criteria and their WHOIS information will quickly be returned to the user.
In order to reduce abuse for this feature, only authorized users will have access to the Whois search features after providing a username and password. DOT Registry, LLC will provide third party access to the bulk zone file in accordance with Specification 4, Section 2 of the Registry Agreement. Credentialing and dissemination of the zone files will be facilitated through the Central Zone Data Access Provider, which will make access to the zone files in bulk via FTP to any person or organization that signs and abides by a Zone File Access (ZFA) Agreement with the registry. Contracted gTLD registries will provide this access daily and at no charge.
DOT Registry, LLC will also provide ICANN and any emergency operators with up-to-date Registration Data on a weekly basis (the day to be designated by ICANN). Data will include data committed as of 00:00:00 UTC on the day previous to the one designated for retrieval by ICANN. The file(s) will be made available for download by SFTP, unless ICANN requests other means in the future.
DOT Registry, LLC’s Legal Team consisting of 3 dedicated employees, will regularly monitor the registry service provider to ensure that they are providing the services as described above. This will entail random monthly testing of the WHOIS port 43 and Web-based services to ensure that they meet the ICANN Specifications and RFCs as outlined above, if not, to follow up with the registry services provider to ensure that they do. As the relevant WHOIS will only contain DOT Registry, LLC’s information, DOT Registry, LLC’s WHOIS services will necessarily be in compliance with any applicable privacy laws or policies.

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