18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.onlineDot Online LLCwhatbox.coView

Dot Online, LLC, the applicant for the “.online” gTLD (the “Registry”) will serve a broad spectrum of the global public by providing an internet community that benefits all parties conducting online activities. A logical and needed gTLD, .online will offer potential registrants who have been boxed out of the crowded .com and .net environments, a place to register their domain name of choice. Furthermore, .online will better serve the public through new trademark protection mechanisms, a thick Whois, and meaningful Domain Name System Security Extensions (“DNSSEC”) requirements. Users instinctively associate the term “online” with being on the internet and will welcome .online as a new generic TLD. This is clearly evidenced by the roughly 2.7 million domain names that have been registered including “online” in their respective strings, as reported by www.domaintools.com. This Registry will create an environment that brings together these new and existing online interests, and will enhance communication, access to relevant information and searchability; fostering innovation, job creation, economic growth, and creative opportunities among registrants, internet users, and others.

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