27 Registration Life Cycle

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.overheidnlministery of the Interior and Kingdom Relationsminbzk.nlView

27 Registration Life Cycle

A depiction of the Registration Cycle for .overheidnl is provided in the attachment ‘Q27-Registration_Life_Cycle.pdf’.

All ʹcommonʹ domain names eligible for registration (i.e. domain names that are not excluded or reserved) follow the domain name life cycle described below.

Domain name is available for registration. Whois status is ʹfreeʹ.
Available transaction: EPP «create»

Pending Create
After receiving an EPP «create» command, the domain name goes through a ʹpending createʹ phase until the registration system has handled the request. This phase is skipped for regular domain names and is used for manual review of registration of reserved domain names (see ʹreserved domain namesʹ below).
If registration is pre-authorized or no manual review is required, the domain name will automatically proceed to ʹregisteredʹ within milliseconds.

OK (Registered)
Domain name is registered with an Accredited Registrar and is linked to one registrant and at least one administrative contact and one technical contact. Whois status is ʹactiveʹ or ʹinactiveʹ (if no nameservers are linked to the registration).

Possible transactions for registered domain names
- EPP «update» (via registrar of record)
Updates registration details (registrant, contacts, nameservers, EPP client status). Command not possible with EPP status serverUpdateProhibited.
EPP status clientUpdateProhibited only allows for removal of this status, all other updates are rejected.
- EPP «renew» (via registrar of record)
Expiration date is changed (prolonged by 1 to 10 years with a maximum of 10 years from renewal date). Domain status is unchanged. Command not possible with EPP status clientRenewProhibited or serverRenewProhibited.
- EPP «transfer» (via all accredited registrars)
Domain name enters ʹpending transferʹ until transfer is completed (or rejected). Command not possible with EPP status clientTransferProhibited or serverTransferProhibited.
- EPP «delete» (via registrar of record)
Domain enters ʹredemption graceʹ. Command not possible with EPP status clientDeleteProhibited or serverDeleteProhibited.

Pending Transfer
Domain name is in a transfer process from one registrar to another. Whois status shows active or inactive, depending on the number of associated nameservers. EPP status is ʹpendingTransferʹ.

Upon receiving a transfer request, the registration system sends EPP messages to the registrar of record and the gaining registrar with information on the received transfer request. The registrar of record can approve or reject the requested transfer within a 5 day transfer period. The gaining registrar can cancel the transfer request during the 5 day waiting period.

If the registrar of record approves the transfer or doesnʹt respond within the 5 day waiting period, the transfer will be successfully completed. The domain name will be registered with the gaining registrar and moves to the ʹregisteredʹ phase. The registrant and contact persons are copied to the gaining registrar. If the registrant and contact persons already exist in the gaining registrarʹs data, the existing handles are copied to a new contact maintained by the gaining registrar. The contact-identifying part of the handle is unchanged and the registrar-identifying part is updated to reflect the new maintainer. The name servers also transfer to the gaining registrar and can be updated after completion of the transfer.
A one year renewal will be charged to the gaining registrar and added to the expiration date (unless the expiration date exceeds 10 years from the transfer date).
Notifications of transfer completion are sent through the registration systemʹs EPP interface to both registrars.

If the registrar of record rejects the transfer or if the gaining registrar cancels the transfer request within the 5 day waiting period, the transfer is cancelled. The domain name remains registered with the registrar of record and moves to the ʹregisteredʹ phase.
Notifications of transfer completion (rejection) are sent through the registration systemʹs EPP interface to both registrars.

No other transactions are possible until the transfer process has been completed. After a completed transfer the domain name will be in the ʹregisteredʹ phase and a default renewal of one year is added. If the domain name was in ʹauto-renew graceʹ when the transfer was requested, and the transfer is rejected, then the domain name returns to ʹauto-renew graceʹ as long as the auto-renew grace period hasnʹt expired.

Redemption Grace
Domain name has been deleted and will be in redemption grace for 40 days. Whois status is ʹin quarantineʹ. EPP status is ʹpendingDeleteʹ. During this period all accredited registrars can restore the domain for the registrant of record. A restore report is a mandatory element of the «update» command with «rgp:restore» element. The EPP-status will be ʹpendingDeleteʹ until a restore (with restore report) is submitted and the domain name is restored to the phase ʹregisteredʹ.
After expiration of the redemption grace period, the domain name will automatically become available for registration (see ʹavailableʹ above).

Auto-renew Grace
After expiration of the domain name, the registry will automatically renew the registration with one year. If the domain name is deleted or successfully transferred to another registrar within 45 days of this auto-renewal, the charge made for the auto-renewal will be credited.
All available transactions and statuses are equal to the ʹregisteredʹ state.

Auto-renew grace ends when the registration is renewed or deleted by the registrar, if the domain name is successfully transferred to another registrar or after 45 days.
27.1 Excluded and Reserved Domain Names
Domain names excluded from registration are not in the .overheidnl zone file, have a Whois status ʹexcludedʹ and cannot be registered by anyone. An EPP «create» command will be rejected by the registration system.

Excluded domain names are:
Exclusions based on Specification 5 in the Base Agreement.
- The label ʹexampleʹ;
- All two-character labels;
Labels that include hyphens in the third and fourth position (the .overheidnl registry does not offer IDN);
- The labels ʹnicʹ, ʹwwwʹ, ʹirisʹ and ʹwhoisʹ (some of these labels will be used by the registry operator).

Exclusions based on technical requirements for .overheidnl
- All one-character labels;
- Labels containing more than 63 characters;
- Labels that contain other characters than letters, numbers and hyphens;
- Labels containing hyphens that are not between letters and⁄or numbers.

Reserved domain names can only be registered by a designated or authorized registrant.

After registration, updates of the registrant are blocked in the registration system. An EPP «create», «update» or «transfer» command will be manually reviewed by .overheidnl registry operator and has to be authorized before it will be processed by the registration system.

gTLD registry and registry operator names
This list contains the names reserved for usage by gTLD registry and to be transferred with the Registry Database in the event of reassignment. Only the gTLD registry or gTLD registry operator can be the registrant of these names.

Country and territory names
Registration of these names will be limited to registrants who are designated by the government or public authority of the concerned country or territory.
A government or public authority wanting to register their country or territory name under gTLD has to get an authentication by GAC Secretariat. This authentication and the name of the designated beneficiary need to be transferred to gTLD operator, who will issue an authorisation number to the designated beneficiary in the country concerned. The domain name can be registered through an accredited gTLD registrar with the designated beneficiary as the registrant, using the authorisation number.
The registrant of these domain names can only be changed after registration if the new designated registrant also has been authenticated by GAC Secretariat.

List of country and territory names, conform Specification 5 in the Base Agreement
- 5.1. the short form (in English) of all country and territory names contained on the ISO 3166- 1 list, as updated from time to time, including the European Union, which is exceptionally reserved on the ISO 3166-1 list, and its scope extended in August 1999 to any application needing to represent the name European Union (http:⁄⁄www.iso.org⁄iso⁄support⁄country_codes⁄iso_3166_code_lists⁄iso-3166- 1_decoding_table.htm#EU);
- 5.2. the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names, Technical Reference Manual for the Standardization of Geographical Names, Part III Names of Countries of the World; and
- 5.3. the list of United Nations member states in 6 official United Nations languages prepared by the Working Group on Country Names of the United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names;

27.2 Resources
SIDN is the foundation that operates since 1996 the registry for the .nl TLD, the 7th largest TLD in the world with currently approximately 5 million registered domains and the 3th largest ccTLD. Running the .nl TLD is the main activity of SIDN. More than 95% of all the time and resources are dedicated to this significantly important task. The work of SIDN is well regarded by its registrars and the Dutch Government. SIDN is a highly experienced and knowledgeable registry provider and from the date of its conception an active participant in ICANN and also active in IETF and for example the CENTR Community. SIDN is based in Arnhem, the Netherlands and has a total staff of 73 people employed.

As back end registry operator of .overheidnl SIDN will provide as a service all technical registry services on the basis of the .nl-infrastructure. This infrastructure is maintained by SIDN’s Technical Division that consist of a total staff of 26 under a dedicated manager who is a member of SIDN’s Management Team. The Technical Division is divided into 4 groups: ICT Operations, Software Development, Application Development and a Test Team.

For the services to .overheidnl the main resources will be drawn from the team ICT Operations. This team currently consists of 10 staff responsible for the 24x7 uptime of the .nl registration system including the network infrastructure and the DNS servers. From this team, every week, two persons are on 24x7 duty. Also, two persons are on 10x5 duty to handle regular service requests and the daily maintenance of systems and applications. This team will be extended with at least two new people before the end of this year. ICT Operations manages further an external company that is responsible for the daily maintenance (including monitoring, incident, problem and change management) of the databases.

SIDN will further provide all registrar and registrant support and handle abuse notices via its Support Desk. The SIDN support desk currently consists of a team of 14 highly skilled, well trained and experienced staff who handle all support questions (including abuse) and calls for the .NL TLD and the 1.3.e164.arpa ENUM delegation, also operated by SIDN. Together they serve about 1,800 registrars and about 2,7 million unique registrants. All support is provided in Dutch as well as in English. The SIDN support desk is organized in a first (9 staff) and second line (4 staff), with a dedicated manager who is a member of SIDN’s Management Team. The staff has a diverse background including experience on technical, policy and legal aspects in its ranks. The SIDN support desk has direct access to all the other specialists of SIDN who may act as a third line of support. The SIDN support desk handled on average in 2011 950 phone calls and 1625 mail calls per month.

SIDN which is ISO 27001 certified, has its own Security Officer who is responsible for all security related matters (physical as well as technical) of SIDN and therefore of SIDN services as back end provider. SIDN also has a legal counsel employed who is experienced in domain name law and policy matters and may support .overheidnl where necessary and act as a liaison to ICANN.

SIDN therefore has all necessary resources more than available to provide all services described in the answers to the questions of the applicant guidebook for gTLDs.

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