18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.overheidnlministery of the Interior and Kingdom Relationsminbzk.nlView

As already mentioned before the .overheidnl TLD will be a closed authorized registrants only TLD in which all domain names will be reserved and only assigned to organizations which are considered to be part of the Dutch Government upon their request and upon specific authorization from the registry. The registrants will not be allowed to transfer the domain names in the TLD to any other party except for other organizations that are considered to be part of the Dutch Government and again only after having obtained the specific authorization thereto from the registry. As a result there will no ‘social costs’ whatsoever involved in the operation of the .overheidnl TLD.

To be complete:
- There will not be an open or first come first served registration process for domain names under the .overheidnl TLD. All domain names will be assigned by the registry who will handle multiple applications for any particular domain name through an internal governmental procedure;
- Given the purpose of the .overheidnl domain and the fact that its existence is not at all financed by the sale of domain names there will not be any cost benefits for registrants in the sense specified in the question;
- The .overheidnl domain will, as it is obliged to, work with an ICANN accredited registrar and also allow all ICANN registrars to sign its standard Registry Registrar Agreement. It is expected however that the Dutch Governmental Organizations may decide to register all domains through a single or a few registrars. The registry will not charge the registrars for registrations under the .overheidnl domain but will be entirely funded by the Dutch Government. Given this situation there are no price in- or decreases foreseen.

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