18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

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.greenDotGreen Community, Inc.dotgreen.orgView

The .green TLD will be beneficial for registrants, Internet users, and the world through the commitment The DotGreen Community, Inc.,(DGC) has in its mission, purpose and management of this important address space. DGC is dedicated to providing an enhanced user experience, measures for protection of privacy and confidentiality, consumer choice, optionality, and inclusive and responsible registration policies. Communication will play a central role in achieving the benefits described. DGC will continueto raise awareness and educate registrants and Internet users regarding the benefits of new gTLDs, the .green TLD, and the green movement. The .green TLD will be recognized and understood across cultures, regions,and commerce, as a representation of the green movement, sustainability, and the values associated. DGC will also manage the .green string with a focus to maximize domain name recognition, inclusivity, rates of adoption, innovative application, consumer appeal, and visibility to invite the full spectrum of the green movement.
18.2.1 Overview of .green Benefits
Through the introduction of the .green TLD, multiple benefits will reach registrants, Internet users, and others in three primary forms including economic, environmental, and social, with Internet benefits related to each component. These benefits stem from the operating policies of DGC, the business approach described throughout the application, and the collective actions of the people engaged in the promotion of sustainable lifestyles and initiatives. Serving a mass market, the .green brand covers the full range of environmental and social disciplines, as well as practical considerations of sustainable economic stability, growth, policy through Internet use and implementation around the world.
Economic Benefits
The .green TLD will provide increased economic value for registrants, Internet users, and other broad stakeholder groups by adding visibility to individual organizations, brands, initiatives, and ideas relating to the economics of global sustainability. Representing a meaningful string of recognizable characters worldwide, the .green TLD will provide registrants the opportunity to extend their presence in the green space. With a truly global approach to TLD operations, DGC plans to launch the .green TLD in 16 Internationalized Domain Name languages at the second level in all regions of the world. In support of this global approach, DGC will implement marketing and communication campaigns to help alleviate any potential for consumer confusion and pave the way for individual registrants as they promote their .green domains. All of these functions serve to maximize economic value for registrants and Internet users, while establishing conditions for the growth of tangible economic value as the green movement grows.
The ultimate value of the .green TLD for the global society may be in the creation of an online movement of socially and environmentally responsible businesses, organizations, and individuals who wish to represent their leadership and participation in the green movement online. .green will utilize the broadest definition of sustainability commonly understood, spanning industries, regions, and ideologies, to facilitate the global exchange of green ideas, products, services, and information. People from around the world can showcase, share, and collaborate around sustainability online in a variety of ways to create the Global Response to Environmental and Economic Necessities (.GREEN).
Additionally, by embracing the worldwide grass roots green movement, the .green TLD will provide a powerful opportunity for companies, NGOs, and individuals to showcase their green initiatives and values. Those wishing to expand and develop an international presence in a green values-based community will benefit from the universal recognition of the .green TLD string.
As registrants participate in this exchange, opportunities will emerge related to new business models, new open source solutions to environmental and social issues (helping to mitigate costs to society), and the creation of partnerships that help connect global and local people and resources. Innovation in the green economy is already occurring, but with the creation of the .green TLD, this innovation will be expanded by higher levels of awareness, investment, and engagement around issues affecting each person on this planet. The availability of .green address space may attract a new generation of innovators to the green movement and give rise to innovation around sustainability issues.
Users of the .green TLD will benefit from the level of consumer trust that is associated with green products and services. The world’s conscientious consumers have increasingly gravitated toward green products and services, creating demand and fostering trust and brand loyalty. The DGC business model is consistent with this understanding of the broad market and behavior of green consumers, as well as the behavior of Internet users. The DGC will continue to promote the green movement, serve the needs of consumers, and market the .green brand, aligned with DotGreen Foundation philanthropic initiatives, through multiple communication channels.
DGC believes that the .green TLD represents the highest order of efficiency for supporting name recognition culturally, linguistically, and commercially. For this reason, the .green TLD will act as a relevant signal in the marketplace and will succinctly associate companies, organizations, individuals, and agencies, with the green qualities they wish to highlight. Value is also created for registrants as the adoption of the .green TLD increases in scale. These benefits stem from the fundamentals of network valuation and the compounding effect networks have to facilitate the free flow of global ideas and capital. The more .green is used, the more valuable it becomes to those who use it.
Registrants will benefit from the creation of new opportunities for dialogue with customers and stakeholders around their green efforts, initiatives, and policies, ultimately enhancing their reputation as global citizens. This focus on reputational capital will fuel increased consumer loyalty and ultimately brand value.
Common economic benefits will cycle to end users of green content as overall economic activity flourishes, increasing the efficiency of information flows, lowering coordination costs, and increasing overall demand for content. Since green content is associated with environmental and social health, and all things sustainable, these increased deliverables should also benefit the end users.
DGC has constructed domain name operating policies that will allow for a truly open platform, yielding optimal and inclusive participation around the world. In full acknowledgement that every person, business, non-profit, and governmental agency will approach sustainability with different perspectives, contexts, sets of constraints, and levels of expertise, the .green TLD and its users will take registrants where they are and encourage them to take the next step toward a full integration of green values and actions. To this end, DGC will promote efforts made by institutions, companies, and scientific and academic groups who create meaningful certification programs.
Third party green certification is welcome on the .green TLD and may be showcased on websites to encourage raised awareness of key issues, metrics, industry standards, and any other information that Internet users require.
Certification efforts are an important part of the green movement. They help to guide consumers and simplify product and service research. They also act as symbols of progress. For one mark, the voluntary Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a highly respected certification program in which many multi-national corporations participate. It is DGC’s position that the virtues of the Internet - transparency, accountability, and democracy - will serve as the basis of evaluation and motivation for .green website content, and that the authenticity and value of individual registrant claims may be openly assessed by the collective global community as is currently happening in the green movement. For this reason, registrant activity including certification in the .green space will be communicatively valuable to all.
Environmental Benefits
Internet users, registrants, and the world as a whole will experience environmental benefits relating to increased transparency and reporting around sustainability by leading members of the green movement and the .green TLD. One example of this behavior is related to voluntary sustainability reporting. This process undertaken by corporations and NGOs worldwide has led to increased demand for information regarding sustainability performance and has led consumers to expect continual improvement. As awareness grows regarding these practices, demand among organizations for the new communication opportunities will increase. The .green TLD will provide the framework and platform for further evolution of this dialogue between creators of global reporting data and consumers of this green data. Real world environmental benefits will result in further steps taken to improve efficient energy usage, raw materials consumption, packaging, transportation, etc.
Through a campaign by DGC, the .green brand will encourage the voluntary use of green servers behind .green domain names, in order to improve carbon usage effectiveness (CUE), and to minimize the atmospheric impacts of increased Internet activity. The environmental concerns of Internet technology and data storage will be supported by specific environmental initiatives around the world that help to protect the natural systems on which all life and commerce depend. The use of key metrics and the promotion of leading solutions will play a large role supporting environmental sustainability and responsibility within the industry. The promotion of environmentally responsible alternatives will also drive economic benefits and demand for green solutions as well as the economic benefits of consumer loyalty.
Social Benefits
The creation of social value will result from the introduction of the .green TLD through targeted social initiatives and collective philanthropy. The .green TLD encourages socially-minded people, global companies, NGOs, and governments to express and demonstrate their care for the health of the planet and its people, and to drive the spread of information and awareness of crucial environmental, social, and economic solutions. In this way, social benefits will be experienced both online and on the ground in local and global communities. Certain economic benefits, such as increased green online commerce stemming from use of the .green TLD, will carry direct social benefits in the forms of increased employment and higher standards of living for people around the world exercising new green economic alternatives. These alternatives also hold the potential to yield improved health for people and the planet.
The generation of online traffic worldwide on .green sites may aid in the tracking of new social metrics, enhancing the collective ability to measure positive social change. As the .green TLD reaches widespread adoption, the benefits stemming from collective green actions are scaled, creating powerful incentives for the inclusion and maximization of participants. This global response is a direct social benefit for the green movement, Internet economy, and for people and their planet.
Through .green TLD registrant philanthropy and DGC funding for social projects supported by the DotGreen Foundation(DGF)and EarthShare, value will be brought to registrants, Internet users, and society as a whole. One of the primary social goals of DGC is to aid in the adoption and penetration of the Internet globally, with key interest in emerging markets. The Internet has widely demonstrated its unique ability to promote green ideals, such as education, career development, and job creation to provide economic alternatives to people and markets around the world. In this way, DGC and DGF intend to bring measurable social benefits to all regions of the world. As economic alternatives become available, many requiring Internet access, environmental benefits can be realized relating to greener economic activities and the growing awareness of the true social, environmental, and economic costs can be understood and acted upon. The greater society and Internet ecosystem will benefit in multiple ways, from direct support for initiatives funded with revenue generated by the .green TLD as well as the aggregated benefits and contributions of all stakeholders of the .green platform.
The .green TLD has been closely connected to DGF, a Non-profit 501(c)3 For-Public Benefit Charity, and EarthShare, the worldʹs leading federation of 400 Non-profit environmental organizations. These partnerships serve to assure registrants of the .green TLD that philanthropic funds raised through domain names sales will be distributed responsibly for the betterment of all regions of the world. DGC and DGF will work closely and collaboratively with EarthShare, a twenty-three year old federation of the world’s leading Non-profit environmental and humanitarian organizations to accomplish this mission. Transparency and regular reporting will reinforce the project selection process as well as the impact of initiatives supported by the .green TLD stakeholders. This philanthropy will naturally also offer social benefits to its recipients, while the reporting, awareness, and collaboration offers further social benefit to the stakeholders. This translates into a powerful message of authenticity and collaboration by and for Registrants of the .green brand.
18.2.2 Value Add
The existence of the .green TLD will promote healthy competition and provide the necessary conditions for innovation by connecting leading organizations, individuals, and government agencies in the green sector to new processes, products, services, and opportunities for cross-sector collaboration around sustainability. DGC will participate in this space by differentiating itself from other TLDs through built in philanthropy and the enhanced level of meaning that is associated with the .green string, stemming from the wide variety of shared values that green represents globally. As the .green TLD grows in usage, so do the benefits experienced by registrants, Internet users, and the world at large.
It is a priority for DGC to continue to participate in the ICANN multi-stakeholder model of governance. Members of the DGC team have a long history of contributing and volunteering for the benefit of Internet users through the ICANN model, and will continue to participate actively on behalf of its .green registrants and all Internet users. DGC’s values and social meaning embedded in the .green TLD support and act in concert with the global multi-stakeholder model of governance and the core values of ICANN.
18.2.3 User Experience
DGC will provide a unique user experience in the form of .green domains by bringing a new level of attention to the top-level, enhanced meaning with the second-level, while implementing standard industry operating rules designed to protect registrants and users. DGC will advocate for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the .green TLD to ensure that adequate preference is given to the string in search engines and email recognition systems. SEO for the .green TLD will deliver maximum benefit for Internet users and registrants and allow the flow of social and environmental benefits to the public through increased visibility and awareness of the .green TLD. Users will experience benefits through traffic, clicks, green servers, philanthropy, and new innovations in and around the green theme of the TLD.
18.2.4 Registration Policies
DGC has developed a thorough set of policies and mechanisms to protect trademark owners, and to support the launch and ongoing operation of the .green address space. It is a central requirement of DGC that all developed operating policies are implemented in a fair and equitable manner. Industry policies are established to correspond to standard guidelines for TLD management, as described in the ICANN Operator’s Agreement.
Prior to registering a domain name in .green, prospective registrants will be required to affirm their belief in certain core environmental and humanitarian principles. DGC believes in free speech and expansive expression of diverse ideas and it will not seek to limit or censor free expression within the .green TLD. DGC will, however, reserve for itself, by its terms of service, the right to un-publish or delete a domain name where the registrant registered a domain name and published content in knowing or harmful disregard of the DGC affirmation of environmental and humanitarian principles presented at the point of registration.
It is DGC’s goal for the .green TLD to be aspirational, fully acknowledging that every person, business, non-profit, jurisdictional entity, and group are at vastly different places in the process of becoming more sustainable. It will not be the policy of DGC that registrants fully demonstrate a type of green certification, as this would create unnecessary barriers to participation, and would stifle innovation and the flow of information for all global citizens. This philosophy of inclusion for the .green TLD delivers an impact that is scalable and measured by the growth of the namespace, multiplied by its benefits for all registrants and Internet users.
DGC will run a global registration program for governmental agencies to acquire and reserve their respective environmental protection acts, agencies, departments and initiatives’ names in the .green TLD. Also included are domain names for environmental and humanitarian academic, scientific, and non-profit organizations and institutions interested in providing news and information about sustainability to the .green Internet space.
18.2.5 Measures Imposed for Protecting Privacy⁄Confidential Information of Registrants or Users
See Question 18c for a full description
18.2.6 Conclusion
Through policies of transparency, a brand and trademark sunrise, governmental academic, scientific and non-profit sustainability programs, and a comprehensive global launch, the .green TLD will result in social, economic, and environmental benefits created at the Internet industry level for registrants, as well as for the greater global society.
DGC takes the .green value proposition very seriously and expects the .green TLD to be a brand that represents benefits beyond its function as a TLD by delivering environmental, economic, social, and uncompromised Internet benefits to all its registrants.
DGC recognizes the importance of running a state of the art technical operation, contributing to a stable and secure global Internet, and participating responsibly in the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance. As an active stakeholder of the Internet, DGC will prioritize the protection of registrant rights and the creation of a strong value proposition for all stakeholders in and around Internet operability and Global sustainability.

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