18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.weddingWedding TLD LLCwhatbox.coView

Wedding TLD, LLC, the applicant for the “.wedding” gTLD (the “Registry”), will serve all global wedding interests. Within the United States alone, there are approximately 2.3 million weddings each year, generating over 70 billion dollars in commerce annually. The average amount spent in the United States, per wedding, is $27,000. According to the Bridal Association of America, couples using the internet in their wedding planning process is 77% and growing. Currently, The Wedding Report estimates that one out of every six couples come together through an online introduction. With people trusting the internet to find their life companions, it is a natural extension to trust the internet for planning their respective life events, such as weddings. This Registry will serve all stakeholders invested in this most significant life event.

Currently, the number of individuals who share their wedding planning experiences and cherished memories through blogs and social networking sites is significant and growing. Many engaged couples create personalized wedding websites, collecting and disseminating information to their wedding guests and service providers. The percentage of online wedding research and online purchases of wedding attire, ceremony needs, favors, flowers, jewelry, music, cakes, stationary, transportation, etc. are all increasing annually. Businesses belonging to the wedding industry will increasingly continue to identify themselves online in both advertising and with websites to capture this growing online consumer group.

The gTLD will become an online space associated with products and services for this massive industry, as well as a place for those seeking a public outlet for their wedding plans and experiences. Entities connected with the wedding industry, customers searching for their products and services, and users engaged in sharing their wedding plans and experiences will now have a dedicated and dynamic online community. By building communities around key wedding geographies and sectors, the Registry will enhance communication, searchability and access to relevant information; fostering innovation, job creation, economic growth and creative opportunities among registrants, internet users and other interested parties.

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