18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.CHURCHLife Covenant Church, Inc.lifechurch.tvView

As a nonprofit entity with a strong global name and mark, LifeChurch.tv has firsthand experience with the effort required to manage a brand and ensure that it remains strong. The .church registry will provide registrations as close to cost as possible for its intended audience. LifeChurch.tv does not intend the .church registry to serve as a profit-based enterprise—rather, as a service to other churches and organizations that serve ministries. Believing that registration auctions would increase complexity and raise fees unnecessarily, multiple applications for a particular domain will be resolved based simply on a first-come, first-served basis. This approach seems to best fit the needs of our intended registrants, while aligning with our desire to provide the lowest costs to end-users.

LifeChurch.tv is confident that the .church registry will receive a favorable response from registrants when it becomes available. To maintain a simple, consistent, and equitable pricing model, LifeChurch.tv does not anticipate offering introductory and⁄or bulk purchasing discounts. The cost analysis included within this application is structured to balance a low cost to the registrant while ensuring sufficient funding for the continued operation of the Registry. The .church registry has no intention of seeking increases beyond what is required to sustain inflationary rates. However, it is beyond the control of the .church registry to account for market and economic forces; therefore, LifeChurch.tv does not intend to make contractual commitments regarding future price escalations.

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