18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.CHURCHLife Covenant Church, Inc.lifechurch.tvView

The mission of the .church registry is to allow for the diversity of churches, congregations, denominations, and ministries of religion to exist within a clearly delineated and trusted Internet namespace.

As an established leader of innovation within the Christian church worldwide, Life Covenant Church, Inc. (LifeChurch.tv) seeks to establish the .church registry with the primary purpose of serving other churches. LifeChurch.tv has proven resources and a demonstrated history of cooperation with, openness to, and service to existing churches and ministries. LifeChurch.tv believes the .church registry to be a logical next step in its coordinated approach to serving as many other ministries and people as possible. Furthermore, as an established church and nonprofit organization, LifeChurch.tv is uniquely positioned to understand the needs and concerns of the registry’s intended audience.

About LifeChurch.tv
LifeChurch.tv has a strong worldwide brand, established during nearly 17 years of continued operations. LifeChurch.tv is one of the largest Christian churches in the United States, with headquarters and 11 physical locations in Oklahoma, four physical locations in other states, and arguably the strongest online presence of any Christian church worldwide. As of this writing, LifeChurch.tv averages more than 40,000 people in attendance at its physical locations each weekend, and more than 100,000 additional individuals connecting with its Church Online ministry each week. In total, the church offers 143 weekly services between physical locations and Church Online. Through NetworkChurches.tv (network.lifechurch.tv), 125 independently operated churches use free video teaching from LifeChurch.tv on a weekly basis.

LifeChurch.tv also licenses, free of charge, its ministry materials and teaching resources through its “Open” website (open.lifechurch.tv), which as of this writing is serving more than 100,000 church leaders who download over 80,000 resources per month.

LifeChurch.tv supports humanitarian causes and ministry initiatives through partnerships with nonprofit organizations around the world. By providing funding, resources, and additional ministry support, the church offers relief and restoration with a focus on empowering individuals. (Please visit lifechurch.tv⁄causes⁄partners for a complete list.)

LifeChurch.tv is recognized as a leader in innovation and the use of technology in religious settings. The global church, academic institutions, and the press look to LifeChurch.tv as an established expert in this area. In addition to speaking at conferences, universities, roundtables, and events like TEDx, LifeChurch.tv leaders have appeared in media outlets including Face the Nation, the Washington Post, TechCrunch, CNN, NPR, CBC, Fast Company, Le Point, and more.

One of the most significant digital efforts launched by LifeChurch.tv is the free online and mobile Bible, YouVersion. The goal of the site and app is to make the Bible freely available to as many people as possible, no matter where they live in the world or what language they speak. YouVersion has an established website (YouVersion.com) which as of this writing is serving an average of more than 1,300,000 unique monthly visitors. Also as of this writing, the Bible App™, a free software application based on YouVersion, offers almost 300 Bible versions in more than 140 languages, is available for most mobile platforms, and so far has been installed on more than 47 million unique devices. The reach of YouVersion is global, with availability in app stores around the world and volunteers serving to translate the native app interface, community communication, support documentation, and more. Countries other than the United States currently make up more than 75% of the total installs of the Bible App.

Through initiatives like YouVersion and Church Online, LifeChurch.tv has developed an extended online community on top social media platforms. For example, as of this writing, YouVersion has more than 1.5 million Likes on its Facebook page, and @YouVersion has more than 150,000 followers on Twitter. YouVersion has a vibrant, active community of users engaging and interacting with the Bible (and with each other) through YouVersion’s various online and in-app communication channels.

LifeChurch.tv also developed ChurchMetrics (ChurchMetrics.com), a tool freely provided to churches worldwide to allow them to track any data they choose through secure logins, and view their results online or via mobile device. As of this writing, ChurchMetrics serves more than 12,800 churches and over 18,000 unique users.

In January of 2012, LifeChurch.tv launched the Church Online Platform, a free tool that allows churches to build, design, and host their own online video streaming presence. As of this writing, nearly 2,000 churches have been approved to download the platform software, and are connecting with 58,500 users registered globally.

As an established leader of innovation within the Christian church; a reputation of service to the worldwide church; and a large social and online following; LifeChurch.tv is uniquely qualified to serve other churches through operating the .church registry.

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