18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.MAILGMO Registry, Inc.gmoregistry.comView

The purpose of .MAIL is to establish a dedicated online identity for email, online communication, and related products and services. The primary target audience of .MAIL includes Internet and email service providers or email distribution services seeking to differentiate their service through the provision of memorable and intuitive email addresses, vendors of communication technologies who understand the brand power of a TLD with relevance, as well as individuals who wish to take control of their own email identity.

According to the ʺEmail Statistics Report, 2011-2015ʺ published by Radicati Group, Inc., the number of worldwide email accounts is expected to increase from 3.1 billion accounts in 2011 to nearly 4.1 billion by year-end 2015. The rapidly expanding mobile and social sectors in particular are expected to spur growth in new email accounts. It is anticipated that wireless email usage alone will double by 2015 to 1.2 billion, up from 531 million in 2011.
The Applicant believes that as the de facto communication channel on which millions of businesses and individuals rely, email deserves its own top level domain.

(Source: http:⁄⁄www.radicati.com⁄?p=7269)

As a neutral namespace, .MAIL is open to any entity or individual. The Applicant anticipates the following use cases for domain registrations under .MAIL:
• ISP, web mail, and other service providers using the extension to ensure corporate and customer email accounts are easily identifiable and distinguishable. (eg Yahoo could assign .MAIL addresses to customers while reserving its primary domain name or extension for employees.) .MAIL would also enable service providers to offer customers simpler, more memorable and intuitive email addresses.
• As online communication increasingly shifts to mobile and social networks, we expect to see related services allocating email addresses to users. We believe that .MAIL would be an ideal fit for this purpose.
• Innovative email related solution providers (email, marketing services, spam filters, hosting services etc.) may adopt .MAIL as their online identity.
• .MAIL domains may be used as personal or family email domains (e.g. john@smith-family.mail)

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