18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.INCGMO Registry, Inc.gmoregistry.comView

The purpose of applying for the TLD is to establish a clear, unambiguous and easy-to-remember online identity for all companies or organizations that are incorporated, thereby formed into a corporation including but not limited to “Inc.”, “Ltd.”, “LLC, “LLP”, and et etc., under the legal system of any sovereign state.
The mission of the TLD is to spread assurance and comfort amongst Internet users as well as provide trusted domains for incorporated companies or organizations. In a world where spamming has become an ordinary effect, creating a trustworthy domain in the eyes of all stakeholders is crucial. The applied-for TLD, .INC, plans to do exactly that.

According to Message Labs Intelligence, 89.1% of emails are spam.
There are currently no domains specifically for incorporated companies or organizations. As a result, corporations are forced to register domain names under various gTLDs and ccTLDs that may not be particularly relevant. It is however essential for corporations to operate under a relevant TLD space with an unambiguous and trustworthy online identity that is recognized by Internet users as meaningful and secure.

Today, having an online presence is considered to be a necessity for any corporation. One of the crucial first steps in establishing an online presence is the selection of a TLD and domain name. In current TLDs, especially .COM, which has the most registrations and is intended for all purposes, there is a high possibility that the desired domain names are taken, leaving few choices. In such a case, there is no choice but to spend more time looking for what is available and deciding which ones to register. The end result may be that the registered domain name is far from direct, intuitive, or trustworthy, all of which are important qualities. The Applicant firmly believes that .INC under the scope of the proposed mission and purpose will help reduce difficulties in securing a relevant online identity while enhancing trust amongst internet users.

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