20(c) Provide a description of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

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.versicherungdotversicherung-registry GmbHdotversicherung.deView

*Eligible registrants*
Eligible registrants in the .VERSICHERUNG TLD are based in the countries of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland:
- Organizations and sole proprietors that are recognized and officially registered members of the public insurance industry community:
- - Primary insurers, reinsurers and social insurers with an authorization within the legal framework for the insurance industry in the respective countries
- - Insurance agents and insurance intermediaries with an authorization within the legal framework for the insurance industry in the respective countries
- - At an official public register registered associations of the insurance industry

*Intended end-users*
Intended end-users of the .VERSICHERUNG TLD are the registrants and consumers interested in insurance topics.

*Related activities*
The dotversicherung-registry GmbH has carried out and intends to carry out its activities in service of this purpose. The dotversicherung-registry GmbH has started already in early 2010 with an outreach program to inform the insurance industry about the upcoming .VERSICHERUNG TLD and will continue this approach by press releases, speeches, publications, an open dialogue with all stakeholder and events. A large campaign to reach consumers will start after approval of .VERSICHERUNG with beacon .VERSICHERUNG domain names operated by well-known registrants.
(Press releases: http:⁄⁄www.dotversicherung.de⁄aktuelles⁄pressejournal )

*Explanation of how the purpose is of a lasting nature*
The .VERSICHERUNG TLD is intended to become an integral part of the insurance-based Internet content in the German speaking countries. The insurance industry is a long lasting community. This will not change at any time in the near future. Therefore any party representing this community has a long lasting nature. Since insurance industry members are deeply involved at .VERSICHERUNG, for instance by the Advisory Board, the long lasting nature of the .VERSICHERUNG TLD will be supported.

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