16 Describe the applicant's efforts to ensure that there are no known operational or rendering problems concerning the applied-for gTLD string

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Question 16
Dot-Golf LLC

Dot-Golf LLC does not anticipate any significant rendering or related operational issues with .Golf. The string ʺGolfʺ is a U.S. ASCII only string and hence does not raise issues with respect to root level IDNs.

Afilias also anticipates the introduction of .Golf without operational or rendering problems. Based on a decade of experience launching and operating new TLDs, Afilias, the back-end provider of registry services for .Golf, is confident the launch and operation of .Golf presents no known challenges. The rationale for this opinion includes:

- The string is not complex, is represented in standard ASCII characters and follows relevant technical, operational and policy standards;
- The string length is within lengths currently supported in the root and by ubiquitous Internet programs such as web browsers and mail applications;
- There are no new standards required for the introduction of .Golf;
- No onerous requirements are being made on registrars, registrants or Internet users, and;
- The existing secure, stable and reliable Afilias SRS, DNS, WHOIS and supporting systems and staff are amply provisioned and prepared to meet the needs of .Golf.

However, Dot-Golf LLC intends to allow IDNs at the second level, within reason. Depending upon the demand and costs associated with particular IDN scripts, some IDNs may be offered at the time of launch, and many will likely be offered subsequently.

Some associated issues with rendering may arise. However, we feel that these issues will be manageable on an ongoing basis. Dot-Golf LLC intends to follow contractual requirements from ICANN, industry standards, guidelines, and best practice policies as closely as possible. We intend to follow a similar pattern to other gTLDs that currently offer IDNs at the second level such as .Com, .Asia, and .Info. At launch, we will only provide languages and scripts that are currently registered with IANA and are fully supported by our SRS provider.

We intend to follow any contractual requirements from ICANN and any guidelines from ICANN or its constituent bodies. Currently this means that we will support IDNA2008, and any newer guidelines associated with IDNA2008. We will also support the IETFs RFCs 5890 through 5894; again if newer standards are released, we will support those. We will also work with the major browser vendors and the ʺPublic Suffixʺ initiative from the Mozilla Foundation to widely communicate our progress to delegation.

Dot-Golf LLC along with its partners, SRS provider, registrars and resellers, will track any requirements and recommendations that are developed through delegation, launch and beyond. We also look forward and are willing to contribute towards more robust standards and guidelines for IDNs. Due to the close attention to the issues of IDNs, we feel that .Golf will present a minimal risk for rendering and related operational issues.

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