20(c) Provide a description of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

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.osakaInterlink Co., Ltd.urbanbrain.comView

Interlink is confident that the creation of the “.osaka” namespace will create new and exciting opportunities for the development of new business models and methods for engagement among local online communities such as individual users, businesses, organizations, and government bodies. Interlink believes that a community-centered TLD will maximize the potential benefits from a “.osaka” TLD. In its proposal to the Osaka Prefectural Government, Interlink clearly showed its desire to operate “.osaka” on behalf of the community and received a letter of support to do so.

As described in above in Part A, the “.osaka” TLD will be established to serve the needs of the Osaka Community and further extend community engagement online. Osaka has a population of approximately 8.8 million people, and Interlink expects to be able to engage is a comprehensive communication strategy to help more of the community participate in online communities. The intended registrants, without being exhaustive are:

 • Osaka municipalities and local governments
 • Public and private institutions in Osaka
 • Organizations, companies, and other businesses in Osaka
 • Residents of Osaka
 • Others community members who have a legitimate purpose for registering and using a “.osaka” domain

The intended end-users for “.osaka” include the entire Osaka Community and those seeking information about Osaka. In collaboration with the government and the Osaka Domain Advisory Committee, users will be able to create a more intuitive online presence and participate in online communities on a much larger scale.

Interlink will play an active role in the Osaka community though engagement in activities that strengthen the use of the Internet and technology. As described above in response to Part B, Interlink is committed to making contributions from registration revenues to be specifically allocated for programs to help benefit the Osaka community. It is anticipated that the funds will help in supporting of local Internet-related events, socio-technological initiatives, advancement of technology in education, community building events, research and development efforts that benefit the community, and similar activities that benefit the Osaka community. The Osaka Domain Advisory Committee will be fully developed to include a wide range of representatives from the community and will play a significant role in deciding how to allocate the funds.

The overall aim of “.osaka” is to provide a solid and secure platform for the Osaka community that inspires an environment where the Osaka brand can thrive. Interlink strongly believes that a geographic TLD should belong to the community and the registry operator should be a steward to that community. Interlink’s intent in including a domain name advisory committee in the management structure of the “.osaka” TLD is to create an environment where the TLD can be successful in the event that the registry operator changes. In order to fully engage the community Interlink will invite interested parties to join one of the constituencies in the Osaka Domain Advisory Committee to proactively contribute to the development of “.osaka”.

Interlink anticipates on entering negotiations for the “.osaka” contract with the Osaka government once the TLD passes though the evaluation process. As outlined in the attached support letter, the Osaka government will be able go through the Registry Restrictions Dispute Resolution Procedure or other applicable legal avenues to ensure compliance with its terms.

Interlink is confident that its proposed structure for “.osaka” ensures that the TLD always belongs to the community, and is of lasting nature, even in the event that Interlink is no longer able to provide registry functions, for whatever reason.

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