20(a) Provide the name and full description of the community that the applicant is committing to serve

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.berlindotBERLIN GmbH & Co. KGdotberlin.deView


The Commmunity for the .BERLIN top-level domain (the .BERLIN Community) has been defined together with City of Berlin officials by contractual definitions based on the natural community of the City of Berlin. Since .BERLIN is intended to serve the Community of the Berliners in general, the group of eligible registrants is limited. Exclusively eligible to register a domain name under the top-level domain .BERLIN are members of the .BERLIN Community which are natural persons, legal persons, organizations or associations of persons, if they can demonstrate an economic, cultural, historical, social or any other connection to the German capital Berlin, verifiable by

- their residence or second home, office or place of business, a branch or permanent establishment in the City of BERLIN, or
- a contact listed in the Whois database with a domicile in the City of BERLIN, or
- other appropriate proof e.g. the certification by an employer to enroll at a school or college, or birth certificate.

By this the .BERLIN Community is delineated clearly from Internet users generally, since the government of the City of Berlin has decided that the definition above reflects a clear and exclusive approach towards a Community definition. By this definition the individuals and entities named above are naturally members of the .BERLIN Community. The delineation is based on a geographic approach – the borders of the German capital Berlin.


The BERLIN Community is a mirror image of the City of BERLIN as definded on the official website at http:⁄⁄www.berlin.de. The City of BERLIN comprises of about 3.5 million inhabitants, about 164,000 registered companies and all institutional organizations such as the relevant local authorities of Berlin. The City Mayor is Klaus Wowereit, who is head of the current Senate of Berlin.

The Capital City BERLIN comprises of 12 boroughs (Mitte, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Pankow, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Spandau, Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Neukölln, Treptow-Köpenick, Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Lichtenberg and Reinickendorf) with 95 districts (Mitte, Moabit, Hansaviertel, Tiergarten, Wedding, Gesundbrunnen, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg, Weißensee, Blankenburg, Heinersdorf, Karow, Stadtrandsiedlung Malchow, Pankow, Blankenfelde, Buch, Französisch Buchholz, Niederschönhausen, Rosenthal, Wilhelmsruh, Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, Schmargendorf, Grunewald, Westend, Charlottenburg-Nord, Halensee, Spandau, Haselhorst, Siemensstadt, Staaken, Gatow, Kladow, Hakenfelde, Falkenhagener Feld, Wilhelmstadt, Steglitz, Lichterfelde, Lankwitz, Zehlendorf, Dahlem, Nikolassee, Wannsee, Schöneberg, Friedenau, Tempelhof, Mariendorf, Marienfelde, Lichtenrade, Neukölln, Britz, Buckow, Rudow, Gropiusstadt, Alt-Treptow, Plänterwald, Baumschulenweg, Johannisthal, Niederschöneweide, Altglienicke, Adlershof, Bohnsdorf, Oberschöneweide, Köpenick, Friedrichshagen, Rahnsdorf, Grünau, Müggelheim, Schmöckwitz, Marzahn, Biesdorf, Kaulsdorf, Mahlsdorf, Hellersdorf, Friedrichsfelde, Karlshorst, Lichtenberg, Falkenberg, Hohenschönhausen, Malchow, Wartenberg, Neu-Hohenschönhausen, Alt-Hohenschönhausen, Fennpfuhl, Rummelsburg, Reinickendorf, Tegel, Konradshöhe, Heiligensee, Frohnau, Hermsdorf, Waidmannslust, Lübars, Wittenau, Märkisches Viertel) which are led by regional mayors in each borough.


The City of Berlin has been established as the core of the .BERLIN Community and has been founded in 1192.

The activities of the City of Berlin include all political, economic, cultural, social and other activities a metropolis and its hinterland may pursue.


The size of the .BERLIN Community is mainly defined by the natural Community of the City of BERLIN which comprises of about 3.5 million inhabitants, about 164,000 registered companies and all institutional organizations such as the relevant local authorities of the City of Berlin.

The membership eligibility to the .BERLIN Community is defined in #20e.

The geographic extent of the City of BERLIN is about 891 squarekilometers. More information can be found at the offical website at http:⁄⁄www.berlin.de or at http:⁄⁄en.wikipedia.org⁄wiki⁄Berlin

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