18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

Prototypical answer:

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.flsmidthFLSmidth A⁄Sthomsentrampedach.comView

A. About FLSmidth

FLSmidth & Co. A⁄S is the holding company of the entire FLSmidth Group, and does not as such have any commercial activity other than being the holder of shares in the operational companies in the Group. FLSmidth A⁄S is by far the largest operating entity in the Group, which today consists of some 150 companies all over the world.
The Board of Directors as well as the Executive Management Team of FLSmidth & Co. A⁄S and of FLSmidth A⁄S are identical.
Thus, backed by the holding company, the applying entity is FLSmidth A⁄S, who is also the owner of the FLSMIDTH trademark.

FLSmidth is a leading supplier of equipment and services to the global cement and minerals industries. FLSmidth supplies everything from single machinery to complete cement plants and minerals processing facilities, including the provision of service before, during and after the construction of such plants and facilities.

- FLSmidth employs about 13,000 people worldwide, and maintains offices in more than 40 countries around the globe
- The Companyʹs in-house human resources are primarily engineers who develop, plan, design, install and service equipment, with most of the manufacturing being outsourced to sub-suppliers
- FLSmidth has been the leading supplier of the global cement industry since its founding in 1882
- FLSmidthʹs revenue was EUR 2.95 bn in 2011. 99% of this revenue is generated through business activities outside of Denmark

For more information about the Company, and its longstanding history, please see: http:⁄⁄www.flsmidth.com⁄en-US⁄About+FLSmidth⁄FLSmidth+at+a+Glance.

FLSmidth A⁄S has secured trademark registrations for the mark FLSMIDTH in roughly 67 jurisdictions around the globe, including: Australia, Belarus, Canada, Chile, the Republic of China, Denmark, the European Union, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, the Russian Federation, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Vietnam. Additionally, the Company has registered its FLS trademark in roughly 59 jurisdictions around the world, with such protections in force since at least 2008. FLSmidth A⁄S uses these marks in connection with its wide range of products and services in the cement and minerals industries, and they have become strongly associated with the Applicantʹs internationally-recognized business activities.

B. Mission and Purpose of the “.FLSMIDTH” TLD

FLSmidth A⁄S intends to reserve all names within the TLD to itself and its affiliates, under a single-registrant model. The Company intends to use such registrations primarily for promotional and navigational purposes relating to FLSmidth’s online presence and⁄or for the provision of its wide range of goods and services.

The TLD is intended to benefit Internet users by enabling FLSmidth and its affiliates to communicate more easily and effectively with all Internet users, and particularly the Company’s many customers, employees and affiliates. The TLD will become a key component in the Company’s global “One Brand Strategy.”

The One Brand Strategy is an innovative marketing and branding concept, organized under the principle of “One Source, Many Strengths”. This concept strongly conveys FLSmidth ’s customer promise of being a complete solutions supplier, meeting the needs of its varied customers in the cement and minerals industries across the globe through the provision of streamlined, comprehensive, and high-quality products and services, even including aftermarket services.

With a strong local presence in more than 40 countries, FLSmidth has more people on the ground in more places than any other supplier. This means it is uniquely able to provide its customers with a single source for all the products and services they need – globally and locally. The Company has solutions to meet any challenges its customers face. This comprehensive customer service is something that is possible because the Company can pool its many strengths – all available to its clients and customers from one source.

The Company’s brand image encompasses three points that are critical to FLSmidth’s continued status as the best in its class for all the markets it serves:

- FLSmidth delivers an unprecedented range of resources from one supplier
- Customers can depend on FLSmidth for exceptional levels of service and support
- Working with FLSmidth enables customers to stay a step ahead of the competition

This new TLD space will assist FLSmidth in consistently meeting all three of these goals, by facilitating communications between all members of its corporate network – from materials designers, labor and construction teams, shipping warehouses, service and maintenance departments, and the customers themselves. Through this new, innovative online nexus, all members of the FLSmidth team will be brought a step closer together, and a step closer to reaching their goals for the future.

C. Inspiration and Confidence

The unified nature of the FLSmidth brand also distinguishes it from its competition. It enables the Company present the same face around the globe, to look and sound the same in Moscow as in Mumbai, and to communicate the same message to customers in southern Europe and South America. Moreover, the FLSmidth brand unites the Company’s various departments, product companies and capabilities under a single unified image. It is a strong internal driver, generating integration and unity around a single name and promise.

D. Reliability and Trust

The One Source concept also signals that FLSmidth has the scope, strength and resources to dependably achieve financial goals. It communicates a message of reliability and trust, suggesting that the Company has a unique depth of knowledge and experience that our stakeholders can count on. The brand clearly delivers the message that no other company in the cement and minerals industries can call upon and coordinate such a wide range of engineering resources and commercial experience. It is no wonder, then, that the Company considers it to be its “single greatest competitive advantage.” For more information about the FLSmidth brands, and our wide range of reliable products, please see: http:⁄⁄www.flsmidth.com⁄en-US⁄About+FLSmidth⁄Our+Brand+Profile.

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