18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.jprsJapan Registry Services Co., Ltd.jprs.co.jpView

18.1. Definition
For the purpose of this answer the following terms are defined as follows:
-.jprs Registrant:
The registrant of .jprs:Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd. (JPRS) is the sole registrant of .jprs in this proposal.
-.jprs Registrar:
An ICANN accredited Registrar for .jprs:JPRS will designate the registrar.
-Internet Community:
The entire internet society which consists of internet users, government agencies and other associated businesses (gTLD⁄ccTLD Registries and gTLD Registrars).
-JPRS Partners:
The JPRS Accredited Partners and other business partners, including telecommunications partners, collaborating research institutions and other community partners.
-.jprs Domain Name Users:
The users of .jprs within the Internet Community, including potential domain name users.
-Research Community:
Policy makers, technology providers, internet researchers and institutions.
-Registry Operations:
Registry operations which include registry services and necessary operations to support those services.
-Critical Functions:
Functions that are critical to the operation of a gTLD registry:
1. Domain Name System (DNS) Resolution
2. Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)
3. Shared Registration System (SRS) by means of the Extensible Provisioning
Protocol (EPP)
4. Registration Data Publication Service by means of the Whois protocol
5. Registry Data Escrow

18.2. Our Mission
As Japanʹs leading registry, supporting and upholding the internet⁄network infrastructure, JPRS proposes .jprs to represent a symbolic purpose, ʺrelations symbol,ʺ in light of our social mission for the internet registry industry. With the prospect of continuous progress and domain name renovation of Japanʹs internet, .jprs will reap full advantage of JPRSʹ accomplishments in the domain space to sustain the level of security, reliability and stability, in pursuit of A) reinforcing business partnerships; B) researching and accommodating diversified internet usersʹ needs through cohesive relations with the internet community; and C) improving domain name user values.
18.3. General Background
Over the past 11 years, since its establishment, JPRS has been striving to expand and innovate domain names, in providing .jp as our core business.
Japanʹs domain name market has grown as the number of .jp domain names in existence is approximately 1.26 million (as of Jan. 2012) and the gTLD domains exist over 2.4 million (according to WebHosting.Info), and those numbers are expected to even grow larger.
Additionally, user options in the domain name space keep growing as we anticipate the new gTLD and IDN ccTLD (.JAPAN in Japanese Kanji Characters). Therefore, we believe that the internet community will require even more information and knowledge in terms of how to use domain names as well as global trends around domain names in general.
Based upon the given background, JPRS has come to propose .jprs as our ʺrelations symbolʺ which represents ʺreinforcing and advancing our relationship with the internet community.ʺ Our concept for the proposed .jprs consists mainly of 3 goals, as JPRS positions .jprs as our relations symbol (utilize for an advanced communications tool and a collaborative environment) to effectively achieve those goals:

Concept for .jprs:OUR THREE GOALS
A) Reinforcing business partnerships
B) Researching and accommodating diversified internet usersʹ needs
C) Improving domain name user values

Our .jprs concept and goals are derived from the stand point of the following key questions:
* Why do we need it?
* What responsibilities will it have?
* Who will benefit?
* How will it work (What are the objectives) ?
* What will it offer (What value will it provide) ?

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