18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.LEGAL will provide legal professionals; legal firms and any person or institution related to the legal profession worldwide the possibility of establishing their internet presence in a differentiated and exclusive manner.

.LEGAL is intended to be a truly global extension as this string has the same meaning in Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, and French. This makes up to around 1 billion people worldwide who will natively understand the extension and its relationship to the legal profession and the legal world in general.

According to an independent research made by the applicant, there are around 190,000 domain names that contain the word LEGAL. Of these, around 26,000 end with the word legal. This means that all these people might find in a .LEGAL domain a great way to establish their online presence. Our goal is to be the choice of around 45,000 websites after three years of peration.

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