18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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. BLOG will provide Internet users worldwide the possibility of establishing their blogs in a stateful and meaningful domain name. The extension will also extend user choice by giving Internet users the possibility of picking a domain extension ideal for a blog but not necesarily under the existing crowded domain extensions. .BLOG also promotes the surge of strongly defined and branded blogs consequentially increasing product choice to blog consumers. .BLOG will work constantly on promoting the core values that have given blogs their actual space in the Internet; freedom of speech and access to information.

Right now, according to specialized reports more than 150 million blogs exist (Technorati.com). More than 150,000 blogs are created daily (Technorati.com) and the global audience that reads blogs is over 350 million (Comscore 2008). .BLOG expects to be the domain extension of the address of 150,000 blogs with a global audience of 1.5 million people after 3 years of operation.

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