18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.NEWS will become the preferred domain extension for sites that publish news on geographic locations, industries, companies, or about any other subject in the Internet. .NEWS will give journalists, publishers, and anyone related to communications to establish websites under an extension that clearly indicates the intention of the site under the domain. .NEWS will allow for the creation of the best sites around the world that concern news around any activity, industry or entity. .NEWS will specifically work towards constructing an innovative Internet space were Internet users keep up to date about their related interests.

Right now according to independent studies made by the applicant more than one million domains include the word news as part of the domain. This shows that there is a huge audience that is setting up sites that may definitely find a .NEWS domain shorter, more meaningful and strongly brandable. .NEWS expects to be the choice of 75,000 news related websites after 3 years of operation.

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