20(c) Provide a description of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

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.政务China Organizational Name Administration Centerconac.cnView

20.3 The Community-Based Purpose
As described in 18.1, the mission of the “.政务” TLD application is “to stimulate innovation of the Internet name space, enrich consumers’ choice, bridge the digital divide and push forward the development of E-government.”The community-based purposes of “.政务” TLD application are stated as follows.

1.The intended registrants of the“.政务” TLD are all members of the Chinese government organization community. “.政务” provides the community with a designated Chinese TLD, thereby strengthening the authority of “.政务” domain names and maintaining the community’s public credibility.

2.The intended end users of the “.政务” TLD are over 500 million Chinese Internet users located around the world as well as 800 million Chinese-speaking potential users who have difficulty reading English. The “.政务” TLD provides them with fast, reliable and round-the-clock information services and E-government services.

3. To reach the above goals, CONAC has carried out a numbers of activities. For instance, CONAC has built up a new registry platform to support the “.政务” TLD through the extensive experience gained from operating “.政务.cn” registry. CONAC has also carried out public communication campaigns to raise public awareness of “.政务” TLD, and kept training CONAC’s core technical team to provide reliable, secure and stable registry services for the “.政务” TLD, and perform critical functions including DNS, SRS, WHOIS, DATA ESCROW and DNSSEC. CONAC will implement strict registration policies including Pre-registration Qualification Procedures (PQP) and continuous compliance mechanism (CCM) to ensure the authenticity and conformity of the domain names. Upon awarding the “.政务” TLD,CONAC will work with ICANN to complete the necessary evaluations, system tests and TLD delegations, as well as negotiate the signing of the Registry Agreement.

4. “.政务” TLD permanently serves the community members. As more and more new Chinese Internet users come online, having the “.政务” TLD will allow them to find and use the Chinese government organization community websites in their native language. The continuous development of the Internet coupled with the growth of E-government services will surely provide a long-term social benefit. Fulfilling public duties will continue to be necessary into the future, therefore, the community based purpose of the applied-for “.政务” TLD is of a lasting nature. As long as there is a Chinese government organization community and a “.政务” TLD, Chinese Internet users will benefit from having the “.政务” TLD, thus further contributing to the community based purpose.

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