22 Describe proposed measures for protection of geographic names at the second and other levels in the applied-for gTLD

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.公益China Organizational Name Administration Centerconac.cnView

CONAC commits to complying with ICANN regulations and taking GAC advice into consideration, while developing the following measures to protect geographic names at the second and other levels in “.公益”TLD.

22.1Taking Measures to Reserve Domain Names in the Following Scope
1. CONAC complies with the Specification 5 of the Registry Agreement, and reserves names formed with the listed labels from initial registration within the TLD.

2. In terms of country and territory names, CONAC reserves the short form of all country and territory names on the ISO3166-1 list (both in English and Chinese), as updated from time to time.

3. CONAC reserves all Chinese names of provinces, autonomous regions, municipality directly under the central government, cities and counties of China.

22.2 Mechanism for Protecting the Reserved Names
1. CONAC will seriously consider inputs from state and public entities regarding the reservation and protection of important geographic names.

2. In the event a geographic name dispute arises, relevant government departments, public organizations and inter-governmental organizations will be encouraged to discuss and participate in the process of dispute resolution. If no consensus is reached, the dispute moves to domain name dispute resolution procedures.

22.3 Rules for Registration and Deployment of Geographic Names
1. CONAC will regulate the registration of short forms and full names of countries and territories.

2. CONAC allows other geographic names to be registered at the second level and other levels with the permission of relevant government and public authorities.

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