18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

Prototypical answer:

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.公益China Organizational Name Administration Centerconac.cnView

18.1 Mission⁄Purpose of “.公益” TLD
18.1.1 To Stimulate Innovation in the Internet Name Space and Enrich Internet Users’ Choices and Give Them Better Experiences Online
Before the introduction of Chinese gTLDs, all Internet users used ASCII gTLDs as the main channels to access Internet information, experience online communications as well as obtaining public interest services over the Internet, and no further channels were available. Introducing Chinese gTLDs including “.公益” TLD will promote the development of IDNs. It also provides a brand new channel for people using full Chinese domain names to access websites of global public interest organizations that provide services in Chinese language, using Chinese language to access online information, experiencing online communications and obtaining public interest services in a way that is intuitive to Chinese Internet users.

18.1.2 To Bridge the Digital Divide
Before the introduction of Chinese gTLD, to global Chinese community, the Internet was a tool only mastered by well educated people who knows English. Considering the characteristics of users of public interest organizations’ websites, they are usually targets of public interest services, but have difficulties in memorizing and using ASCII domain names due to their limited education. These difficulties in accessing the Internet become an objective factor which forms and expands the digital divide.

The uptake of the Internet has grown rapidly and there are nearly 600 million Chinese Internet users, but there are still 800 million Chinese potential Internet users with a large part have difficulties in using English. The introduction of “.公益” TLD will allow public interest organizations to attract more visitors by adopting their distinct Chinese domain names. For instance, the China Charity Federation may register “中华慈善总会.公益” in addition to “chinacharity.cn” and makes its domain name more memorable to Chinese language users.

Based on the idea of ONE World, ONE Internet, CONAC will establish an environment for global public interest organizations that provide services in Chinese language and hundreds of millions of Chinese Internet users and more potential users who have difficulties in reading English to access the Internet in their native language, and thus bridging the digital divide.

18.1.3 To Promote the Development of Online Public Interest Services
In developed countries, people take online public interest services for granted, but in China this is a new phenomenon.

The “.公益” TLD will promote online public interest services by becoming a unique sign for identifying legitimate public interest organizations, which will raise users’ sense of trust. Users may instantly access reliable public interest services and relevant information anytime, anywhere on public interest organizations’ websites in an easy and intuitive way.

Furthermore, the strict eligibility review policies are beneficial to regulating the public interest service market as well as providing brand building and brand marketing. It will also reduce the fake public interest organizations exploiting users in the cyberspace, maintains the credibility of public interest organizations and strengthens their attraction and influence, thus promoting the development of online public interest services.

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