16 Describe the applicant's efforts to ensure that there are no known operational or rendering problems concerning the applied-for gTLD string

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gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.公益China Organizational Name Administration Centerconac.cnView

As a member of Chinese Domain Name Consortium (CDNC), CONAC has actively participated in research regarding the impact of Chinese strings on the root zone, ensuring the string of “.公益” that CONAC is applying for will not affect the stability of the root zone.

To strictly abide by the IDN tables, CONAC will ensure that the applied-for “.公益” TLD string is in compliance with the technical criteria defined in the tables.

As CONAC participates in the CDNC, CONAC provided proper technical solutions to ensure secure and stable delegation and operation of “.公益” TLD.

As one of several government accredited registry operators in China, CONAC has registry operational experience through maintaining “.公益.cn” domains for 4 years, as well as constructing and testing “.公益”TLD registry system, this will ensure the registry system meets ICANN requirements.

With main stream web browsers support IDN, CONAC realizes that old versions of some web browsers such as IE6, do not support IDN. CONAC will intensify propaganda to urge users of outdated web browsers to upgrade in a timely manner;

Awaring of the desirability of the Chinese community on representing domain name registration data in Chinese, CONAC will develop “.公益” specific conventions to support the display of non-ASCII registration data. CONAC will also comply with any policies and specifications on internationalized registration data after they are finalized by ICANN or IETF;

The writing direction of Chinese domain names is from the left to the right, which is of the same writing direction of ASCII domain names. It does not cause any problems in terms of user experience.

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.政务China Organizational Name Administration Centerconac.cn-1.81Compare