18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.babyTop Level Domain Holdings Limitedgmail.comView

The .BABY top-level domain is a place for parents to showcase their newborns and toddlers with love and pride, and for the providers of baby products, services, and advice to reach them.

By providing an identifying name to web and mobile content about babies, baby stories, baby pictures, baby products, baby foods, baby nutrition, pediatric medical issues and treatments, pre-natal concerns, and other content about babies, the .BABY top-level domain will make it easier for parents, expectant parents, and prospective parents to find information that will aid them in making decisions about whether to have a baby and how to take care of their small children. Companies and professionals who wish to reach parents of babies and toddlers will also find the .BABY top-level domain useful to target their advertising and advice. The general public will benefit by being able to segregate content about babies from content about other subjects.

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