18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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The purpose of the .INC top-level domain is to offer incorporated companies an exclusive opportunity to present themselves on the Internet in a uniquely distinctive and memorable manner. Companies wanting to use a domain name to indicate their legal status as a registered and incorporated legal entity are unable to do that currently by their choice of any legacy top-level domain. Because registration and renewal in the .INC TLD will require applicants and registrants to prove they are registered with the appropriate authority, the .INC TLD will serve as a means of identifying and authenticating registrants as duly recognized corporate entities. Internet users, particularly customers or persons dealing with a .INC registrant will do so with confidence that they are dealing with a genuine incorporated company.

An incorporated company is a common form of corporate structure found around the world, for which the proper abbreviation in many jurisdictions is “INC”. The “Inc” designation is awarded by a governmental entity entitled to do so; use of the “Inc.” ending without government approval is often illegal. Some jurisdictions require incorporated companies to identify themselves as such and the .INC top-level domain provides an easy way for incorporated companies to clearly identify their unique incorporated status.

We aim to offer all those entitled to use “Inc.” the opportunity to advertise their products, services and information on the Internet in association with a TLD acting as a badge or symbol identifying their special legal status. The abbreviation “Inc.” forms a part of their legal name in many jurisdictions. Using it as their domain name also will reduce confusion and save the expense of multiple representations of their name.

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