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1. Overview

As the owner of a well-known and respected trademark, the Applicant shares ICANN’s concerns regarding trademark protection and abuse on the Internet in general, and in the Domain Name System in particular. The Applicant intends to take all necessary and appropriate steps to ensure that the .deloitte TLD is a safe and secure name space for all Internet users not only by complying with Specification 7 of ICANN’s Agreement, but also by adopting a domain name registration policy that puts in place restrictions with respect to who can register domain names within .deloitte and implements responsible takedown procedures, as described below.

2. Policies and Practices to Prevent Abusive Registrations

It is currently contemplated that the .deloitte TLD will be governed and overseen by a Governance Committee comprised of highly skilled professionals with extensive legal, business and technical experience. The Governance Committee will adopt the policies related to the TLD and take appropriate steps to ensure their compliance. Because, at least initially, .deloitte will be a single-registrant TLD, only the Applicant will be entitled to register domain names. Additionally, only domain names that are directly or indirectly related to the services offered by Deloitte member firms will be registered. Applicant intends to provide access to the technical management and monitoring of .deloitte to a limited number of personnel. This team will ensure that:

- All domains names applied for and registered within .deloitte TLD;
- All domain names are registered and used in compliance with the policies adopted by Applicant; and
- All contact information linked to each registered domain name is accurate and up to date.

Furthermore, the Applicant intends to protect third-party rights through its Domain Name Anti-Abuse Policy (see response to Question 28), as well as compliance with ICANN’s Specification 7 requirements, including Sunrise, IP claims, URS, UDRP, PPDRP and RRDRP. The Applicant will put any registered domain name on hold following receipt of a notification from any dispute resolution provider that a complaint has been received and will comply with the determination of that dispute resolution provider (including, for the avoidance of doubt, the termination of the Registry pursuant to Section 4.3(e) of the Registry Agreement). In the event that a dispute resolution provider decides that a third party has made a legitimate complaint, the Applicant will revoke the disputed domain name, update the WHOIS registry to reflect that the domain name is not available for registration, and take all other steps necessary to ensure that the domain name remains unavailable for future registration.

3. Sunrise Period and Trademark Claims Services

Although the .deloiite TLD will not be open to domain name registration requests from the general public, the Applicant intends to implement a 30-day Sunrise period to allow the Deloitte member firms to reserve any domain names that correspond with their respective trademarks, in compliance with the procedures set forth by ICANN and the Trademark Clearinghouse. These reserved domain names will be registered in name of the Applicant, as sole Registrant, on behalf of those Deloitte member firms.

The Applicant also intends to comply with ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse policies and procedures. Specifically, the Applicant intends to connect to the centralized database of the Trademark Clearinghouse in accordance with the technical specifications to be published by the Trademark Clearinghouse Provider. All domain name applications also will be submitted to an internal compliance check prior to registration. Additionally, the Applicant intends to provide Trademark Claims services for marks in the Trademark Clearinghouse for 60 days from the conclusion of the Sunrise Period.

4. Anti-abuse policy

As already stated in response to Question 28, the Applicant will not tolerate any abusive use or misuse of domain names or websites.

5. Resource Planning

In order to comply with these measures, the Applicant intends to allocate personnel with technical and legal background to manage and monitor the .deloitte TLD. Detailed information is provided in response to Question 47.

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