18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.DELOITTEDeloitte Touche Tohmatsudeloitte.comView

i. The Applicant’s global brand strategy hinges upon the construct that Deloitte member firms are multi-disciplinary service providers, with services being offered as seamless, integrated solutions. The .deloitte TLD will not only mirror this design, it will enable its promotion and execution. Audiences – both existing and new – will be able to identify and access the Deloitte network with more ease and confidence, and then drill down to their desired area of interest.

In contrast to other TLDs like .com, where the specific connotation that initially has been given to a particular TLD has disappeared over time, the .deloitte TLD is intended to be an unambiguous identification of the Deloitte brand, and a direct and unambiguous destination for authoritative content from the Deloitte network.

ii. Utilization of the .deloitte TLD opens up a new world of opportunity in the digital realm and brings with it many attributes that could benefit the Deloitte network and visitors to its websites in areas ranging from brand and reputation management to operational efficiency and security.

Furthermore, providing for a more unique, safe and secure space on the Internet will underline the leading role played by Deloitte member firms as trusted advisors and providers of solutions.

iii. The Deloitte network seeks to deliver optimal end-user experience through all online channels. The new TLD aligns perfectly with this approach, as it would provide a simplified experience with unified URLs that follow a uniform taxonomy. It would also assure authenticity and security through “.deloitte”.

iv. The Applicant will, at least initially, restrict the TLD to only one Registrant, the Applicant.

All domain names registered under “.deloitte” must be linked in a direct or indirect way to the services offered by member firms under the Deloitte brand or other member firm trademarks.

The Applicant intends to screen all applied-for domain names before registration in order to ensure that no domain name infringes a third-party trademark.

Prior to issuing .deloitte domain names, the Applicant intends to reserve a number of generic words, phrases, characters and⁄or digits at the second- and third- domain level that relate specifically to the activities of the Deloitte network (e.g., consulting.deloitte). These domain names will be allocated in accordance with the domain name registration policies to be adopted by the Applicant. The purpose of the reservations is to begin to incorporate the Deloitte network’s existing domain names into the new .deloitte taxonomy.

The Applicant will include in its master .deloitte database words and phrases which it considers to be abusive, obscene and⁄or offensive, thereby preventing any reputational loss to the Deloitte brand or any user confusion. These will come up in searches as unavailable.

The Applicant intends to reserve all two character labels and all country and territory names, taking into account the relevant provisions laid down in Specification 5 of the Registry Operator Agreement.

Where practical, the Applicant plans to include specific provisions in its registry-registrar agreement in order to ensure that the mission and vision outlined above are implemented to their fullest extent possible.

Consistent with the Registry Agreement to be entered into with ICANN, the Applicant intends to launch its branded TLD in multiple phases:

Phase one: Allocation of the domain names that are linked to the professional, general services of the Deloitte member firms, and the allocation of the domain names that are currently being held by the Applicant. This phase will last for a period of at least one year so that a smooth transition for both internal and external users can be ensured.

Phase two: In accordance with ICANN’s policies, the Applicant will implement a Sunrise period for a period of 30 days enabling member firms to register their corresponding trademarks within the .deloitte TLD, as discussed in section 29.

Phase three: As noted above, it is currently contemplated that only one Registrant will be able to register domain names within the .deloitte TLD. Therefore, this phase will not be open to the general public. However, prior to registration, each domain name will be submitted to a clearance process in order to ensure that it i) does not infringe any third-party right and ii) complies with the abuse registration polices to be adopted by the Applicant (see section 28 and 29).

Furthermore, during this phase, the Applicant plans to adhere to the trademark claim services as set out by ICANN for a period of 60 days from the start of this phase. This allows trademark holders that are connected to the trademark clearinghouse to be informed if any of the domain names applied for implicates any of their trademarks.

v. The Applicant intends to collect personal information only as necessary to comply with the Registry Agreement and any ICANN Consensus Policies. The Applicant intends to comply with all applicable privacy laws and regulations.

vi. The full impact of the gTLD transition – and its myriad benefits – will only be felt if coupled with aggressive corresponding communications. This outreach, intended for both internal and external users, has already been budgeted for and will seek to educate, inform, and inspire. Tactics and channels will include, among others, advertising campaigns, social media dialoguing, and internal leadership announcements.

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