16 Describe the applicant's efforts to ensure that there are no known operational or rendering problems concerning the applied-for gTLD string

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.嘉里Kerry Trading Co. Limitedkuokgroup.comView

Kerry Trading Co. Limited has selected Verisign to provide backend registry services for the . 嘉里 gTLD.  Verisign’s registration software is in compliance with all current IDN standards, including ICANN’s IDN Guidelines, as well as The Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA 2008) specification, published by the IETF as RFC 5891.

It was known at the time of publication that the IDNA 2008 standard could not entirely resolve concerns with Bi-directional script compatibility.  That is, combining left-to-right scripts (like Han or Latin) with right-to-left scripts (like Hebrew or Arabic) can sometimes cause rendering or usability issues.

Verisign’s software is in strict compliance with the IDNA 2008 standard, and so Verisign implements rules for bi-directional (right-to-left) scripts as outlined in RFC 5893.

Through its involvement in the IDN Software Developer’s Consortium, Verisign works with application vendors and domain name industry stakeholders to ensure that the IDNA standard is implement consistently across software layers in order to reduce rendering and usability issues for IDN users.

Because these rendering issues only occur when mixing bi-directional scripts, and because the . 嘉里 gTLD is left-to-right only, we do not anticipate rendering issues to affect the user experience for our clients.

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