18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.WMEWilliam Morris Endeavor Entertainment, LLCwmeentertainment.comView

One primary benefit is the elimination of WME paying extraordinary fee’s to monitor the registration, use of and⁄or directly register and secure their name under existing TLDs, such as .COM, that have been registered by fans or other entities with the purpose of selling them for high profits to WME or use them in a manner infringing on WME’s rights.

With .WME, WME will brand itself to direct consumers directly to the WME sites to avoid any confusion and misperception; this is turn will save entities with interest in interacting with WME time and resources otherwise used in connection with WME related domains not registered nor used in agreement with WME.

Since .WME is a single-registrant TLD, there will not be a fee for registration of a domain. The .WME TLD will be a value-added service and be part of WME’s existing business model. The .WME TLD will be operated without profiting through domain registrations in mind and be funded by WME’s existing agency revenue generation business model. The .WME TLD will be operating under a loss leader strategy to stimulate more revenues in WME’s primary business model.

Protection concerning defensive registrations will not be necessary since WME is the only entity capable of registering domains under WME. Thus no extra cost with .WME is placed on trademark holders or other entities seeking to monitor or protect their brand across TLDs.

As discussed the goal with .WME results in the search engines has one immediate benefit in eliminating unlicensed booking sites. A natural result of this is to prevent malicious conduct and fraud while also protecting talent buyers by enabling them to interact with the official representative of WME and its brands.

WME does not have plans for advantageous pricing, introductory pricing, nor plans for any bulk registration discounts since they are the single registrant.

WME will not offer long term or permanent contracts for domains. The registration length will be considered in a case by case basis and within standard requirements from ICANN (1-10 years and at any time a maximum expiration date of 10 years).

WME will use parked pages only as an interim mechanism in short timeframe prior to launching WME dedicated websites, but primarily use of parked pages is not expected.

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