18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.fageFAGE Dairy Industry S.A.winston.comView

(a) Describe the mission⁄purpose of your proposed gTLD

In 1926, Athanassios Filippou opened a small dairy shop on 213 Patision Street in Athens, Greece. At the time, the shop’s location was part of the countryside and only had a single train station nearby. Little by little, as travelers would come and go, Filippou’s store became known for its delicious, creamy, one-of-a-kind yogurt.

FAGE (pronounced “fa-yeh”) has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Our corporate headquarters and largest production facility remain to this day in Metamorfosi, Athens, producing milk, cheese and yogurt for customers worldwide. In fact, FAGE is now Greece’s leading yogurt company and operates three production facilities in Greece.

FAGE began exporting Total yogurt to the United States in 1998. In June 2000, we established the subsidiary GREEK FOODS IMPORTS, Inc. (which became FAGE USA, Corp., which became FAGE USA Holdings, Inc.) to import and further promote FAGE Total in the U.S. Once people started tasting our authentic Greek strained yogurt with its famous taste and texture, demand started to grow. After only four years of sales in the U.S., and with sales of over 2,000 tons of imported yogurt in 2004, we saw an opportunity. So, in February 2005, the decision was made to build a state-of-the-art production facility for FAGE Total in Johnstown, New York, and to manufacture our products in the United States.

The 220,000-square-foot plant is located in Johnstown Industrial Park, 200 miles north of New York City. We invested $200 million into creating a highly-automated, state-of-the-art plant that would allow us to make our authentic recipe, but at the same time use technology to achieve the highest standards of hygiene and safety. The U.S. FAGE plant currently has over 230 full-time employees, who, by way of two production shifts, work around the clock to craft our famous yogurt.

Currently, FAGE yogurt is distributed in many specialty and natural—food stores, including supermarket chains across the country. It’s our hope that wherever FAGE Total is introduced, it will get into the hearts and stomachs of Americans the way it has enraptured ours for the past 85 years.

With our 85-plus years of history, FAGE is dedicated to this vision: to be a dairy company that contributes, through continuous development of innovative and high-quality products, to the balanced nutrition and healthy lives of our consumers around the world.

To further enhance its reputation and leadership position, FAGE DAIRY INDUSTRY S.A. seeks the proposed .FAGE gTLD as a restricted, exclusively-controlled gTLD for the purpose of expanding FAGE DAIRY INDUSTRY S.A.’s ability to:
• create a connected digital presence and personalized brand experience for customers and other business partners;
• deliver product and service marketing⁄advertising;
• enable marketing campaign activation;
• facilitate secure interaction and communication with individuals and entities with whom FAGE DAIRY INDUSTRY S.A. has a business relationship;
• improve business operations;
• simplify Internet user navigation to information about FAGE DAIRY INDUSTRY S.A. products and services;
• demonstrate market leadership in protecting customer privacy and confidential information online; and
• meet future client expectations and competitive market demands.

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