20(c) Provide a description of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

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.corsicaCollectivité Territoriale de Corsegmail.comView

The .corsica TLD will serve the worldwide community of individuals who feel an affinity with the region of Corsica in a number of ways.

- Enhanced community visibility

The new .corsica TLD will provide Corsican Internet service and content providers with a new means of asserting their Corsican identity. In so doing, it is expected that the .corsica TLD will serve to strengthen ties within the community of Corsicans worldwide.

It is expected that many thousands of Corsicans and other individuals who identify with the region of Corsica and who use the Internet as a tool in the running of their activity or business, will seize the opportunity of a domain name under a .corsica TLD.

The purpose of the .corsica TLD is to introduce at the level of the DNS a new, easily identifiable marker or tag which will serve to organise and rationalise the large volume of information and services on the Internet pertaining to one of the many aspects of Corsican life and culture.

- Rationalisation of naming conventions within Corsica

At the level of Corsica’s government administrations and the region’s utility and public service providers, the .corsica TLD will be rapidly adopted, resulting in the simplification of domain naming conventions. For example, the Regional Government’s own Internet address - www.ctc.corse.fr - will be simplified to www.ctc.corsica.

- University of Corsica

The University of Corsica is expected to become one of the principal vectors for the promotion of the .corsica TLD. The new TLD serve to simplify the university’s current naming structure (currently under the lengthy univ-corse.fr extension). As part of the communications campaign coinciding with the launch of the .corsica TLD it is anticipated that students will be given option of creating a site under the new TLD, and a .corsica email address offered to each student.

- Catalyst for economic development and job creation

The .corsica TLD is intended by the Government of Corsica to serve as a catalyst for local and global innovation with positive knock-on effects for the region and people of Corsica in terms of enterprise development (e.g. through increase in the number of local registrars and diversification of services provided by ISPs) and job creation.

In addition, in the medium to long-term, as soon as income from domain name sales exceeds the annual cost of the technical operator and ICANN fees, all funds used to purchase a .corsica domain will remain in the Corsican economy thereby contributing to local economic development.

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