20(b) Explain the applicant's relationship to the community identified in 20(a)

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.corsicaCollectivité Territoriale de Corsegmail.comView

The applicant fot the .corsica TLD is the Regional Government of Corsica (Collectivité Territoriale de Corse - CTC), the democratically elected government of Corsica and, without doubt, the most legitimate entity representing the interests of the Corsican people.

The Region of Corsica is one of the 22 regions of France (27 including the overseas departments). Since 1991 and the passing of an act of parliament referred to as the of ‘13th May 1991 Act’, the region has enjoyed a special status with greater devolved powers and greater autonomy than is the case for the regions of mainland France.

The .corsica TLD will be managed by the Government of Corsica, as a not-for-profit enterprise, for and on behalf of the local and global community of Corsicans and those individuals and corporate entities who have an attachment to the region. The decision to apply for this TLD was formalised by an act of parliament of the Corsican Assembly, in December 2011 (see documents attached).

The Regional Government of Corsica is fully accountable to its people. Its primary concern is to ensure the wellbeing and economic prosperity of the Corsican people as well as the economic development of the region and the promotion of the region’s assets.

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