16 Describe the applicant's efforts to ensure that there are no known operational or rendering problems concerning the applied-for gTLD string

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.SalonDaySmart Softwaredaysmart.comView

According to the IDNA2008 rules, we do not foresee any operational or rendering problems concerning the applied for string of: Salon

The string comes from the English language and the word exists is many other languages, often with the same meaning. Some languages will use non-ASCII characters in the spelling of this word, but our string is the English version. All characters in our string are standard ASCII characters.

The U-label should meet the minimum number of characters required and does not exceed the maximum number of characters allotted. The U-label

The Unicode format for this string is the same as the ACE PunyCode encoding and vice versa.

The Unicode format & ACE PunyCode encoding string is: Salon

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