16 Describe the applicant's efforts to ensure that there are no known operational or rendering problems concerning the applied-for gTLD string

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.taipeiTaipei City Governmentmail.taipei.gov.twView

In order to ensure that there are no known operational or rendering problems concerning the applied-for .taipei gTLD, the following efforts have been made by Taipei City Government:
16.1 Rendering Problem
Taipei City Government foresees no known rendering issues in connection with the proposed .taipei string which it is seeking to apply for as a gTLD. This answer is based upon consultation with Taipei City Government’s preferred back-end registry service provider, which has successfully launched a number of new gTLDs over the last decade. In reaching this determination, the following data points were analyzed:
ICANN’s Security Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) entitled Alternative TLD Name Systems and Roots: Conflict, Control and Consequences (SAC009);
IAB - RFC3696 “Application Techniques for Checking and Transformation of Names”
Known software issues which Neustar has encountered during the last decade launching new gTLDs;
Character type and length;
ICANN supplemental notes to Question 16; and
ICANN’s presentation during its Costa Rica regional meeting on TLD Universal Acceptance.
Taipei City Government will launch ASCII domain name first. Afterwards, we will launch IDN services step by step, language by language, strictly following the IDN standards of IETF and IDN guidelines issued by ICANN. In the meanwhile, Taipei City Government may elect to partner with TWNIC to provide IDN solutions. The response to Question 44 provides specific IDN information.
16.2 Committee of Registry
The Committee of Registry is the highest decision-making body in charge of the management and operation of .taipei registry. The member of the group is dedicated to the full compliance of ICANN’s policies and rules and its duties and responsibilities arising under the ICANN-Registry Agreement. To achieve the missions and goals of .taipei registry, the Committee of Registry is composed of several members representing diversified qualifications and expertise.
16.3 Operational Resources
Subject to the supervision of the Committee of Registry, the daily management and operation of .taipei registry is headed by the Executive Officer of Registry. In addition, diversified expertise and experiences are secured by collaboration with Taipei City Government’s business partners such as Neustar and professional registrars.
Taipei City Government has elected to partner with Neustar to provide back-end services for the .taipei registry. In making this decision, Taipei City Government recognizes that Neustar already possesses a production-proven registry system that can be quickly deployed and smoothly operated over its robust, flexible, and scalable world-class infrastructure.
In the meanwhile, Taipei City Government may choose an operational consultant for the .taipei registry. The consultant deploys superior technology and service capability in the professional domain name registration business and has been accredited by many TLDs registries.

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