18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.erniERNI Group Holding AGerni.chView

The .erni TLD is applied for by ERNI GROUP HOLDING AG (ERNI), an international consultancy company for innovation, process and technology, for the exclusive use of the ERNI and its Affiliates.

ERNI supports successful companies in industry and service sector in improving their processes and technologies. ERNI also supports its clients in improving the added value of their services and products and in increasing the value of their enterprise. In short, we help to optimise their competitiveness.

By informatively improving processes and technologies, ERNI increases the maturity of the technology and business organisation. In this way, the company helps its clients to use their resources more efficiently, and shows how to reduce the complexity of project, while increasing speed and optimising cross-organisational measures.

Our clients value our competence, which is based on profound expertise and long-term experience in their industries.

ERNI’s core competence consists of using proven procedures and methods, in professionally supporting the client’s demanding assignments. The group combines fine-tuned services with its experience, in providing a pragmatic implementation. It focuses on different sectors of industry. ERNI takes responsibility for the engineering, and they combine it with the advantages of its consulting services. ERNI is familiar with different working processes and are experts in the used technologies. ERNI uses a smart mix of engineers and economists in their client projects, and this guarantees a decisive added value.

The group’s employees understand people and know how to motivate them. They use common sense and empathy to skilfully help in solving difficult project situations. Their methodical and structured manner of working does not stand in the way of ʹquick winsʹ and a speedy progress of the project, and their analysis, perception, description, improvement of the processes and implementation of a durable introduction of pioneering technologies is based equally on technical and economic factors.

The goals of the .erni TLD are:

a. To facilitate digital communications between the Company, its providers, investors and stakeholders, institutions, clients and employees,
b. To strengthen the image of ERNI in the on-line world,
c. To unify the brand in the digital world,
d. To facilitate access to ERNI’s information for users,
e. To improve ERNI’s customer security, trust and loyalty,
f. To control ERNIs Internet presence,
g. New marketing opportunities.
h. New business opportunities,
i. Enhance brand recognition,
j. To increase the value of ERNI, and hence, of its digital identity.

This is to be achieved by:

i. Creating a platform between prospects, clients, partnerships, stakeholders, investors and employees,
ii. Creating an integrated virtual and physical service channel,
iii. Creating homogenized websites with all the company’s services.

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