27 Registration Life Cycle

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.samsungSAMSUNG SDS CO., LTDyesnic.comView

1. Overview
Registration life cycle policy of dot SAMSUNG(“.SAMSUNG”) that SAMSUNG SDS plans on operating follows the registration life cycle presented by ICANN (Figure 27-1). SAMSUNG SDS will fundamentally apply standard EPP RFC and will not apply those policies not issued in EPP RFC.

Figure [27-1] Registration Life Cycle

Main states of registration life cycle are as following:

2. Available
It refers to the state in which a domain name is available for registration. Easiest method to check domain registration availability is by inquiring the domain name on Whois site (URL: whois. samsung). A public registrant can register desired domain name through a registrar.

3. Registered
Registration of issued domain will be between one to ten years. Once the domain is registered, it is put into a zone file within 24 hours. Add grace period is given, during which the registrant may cancel the domain within the five days of registration. During this period, no additional penalty will be given for the cancellation, but the domain cannot be transferred to another registrar. The domain name will be removed from the Zone file and become ʹavailableʹ again if its registration is cancelled.

4. Auto-Renewal Grace Period
If a registrant wishes renewal of his⁄her own domain names, he⁄she must renew the domain name through former registrar or ask to another registrar to transfer it. Within 45 day after the expiration date, registrar must notify the registry the renewal or transfer of the domain name. Domain name still exists in the zone file during this period.

5. Redemption Period
If the registrar does not notify the registry of the renewal or transfer of the domain name within 45 days after the expiration date, the domain name is deleted from the zone file. During the redemption period, domain and mail will not work anymore since the domain name is not in the zone. Only the former owner of the domain may renew the domain name within 30 days of redemption period and the 5 days are left as pending deletion period.

6. Released (Available) Period
After the redemption period, domain is deleted and becomes available. Anyone can register this domain.

7. Resource Procurement Plan
SRS system management is divided into EPP⁄ Application, and Database management.

〈EPP Operation Management〉
- 1 person
- EPP Operation Policy, Supervisor of SRS Management
- Over 7 years experiences

〈EPP Operation〉
- 2 persons
- EPP Program Development & Maintenance
- Over 20 years experiences, over 10 years experiences

- 2 persons
- DBA (Domain Registration DB)
- Over 7 years experiences, over 3 years experiences

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