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Dot SAMSUNG(“.SAMSUNG”) gTLD entrusts the operation of registry system to Korean ccTLD operation agency Korea Internet & Security Agency(“KISA”).

Whois Service refers to providing of information such as domain name registrant and expiration date by checking the registered domain nameʹs information. Whois service of dot SAMSUNG(“.SAMSUNG”) gTLD will be operated in the same manner as KISAʹs dot KR(“.KR”) is currently.

Network composition of currently running KISA Whois Service is shown in Figure 26-1.

Figure [26-1] Whois Service Network Diagram

As shown in Figure 26-2, data is extracted from inner database of SRS and processed for Whois service. The data are then saved in data repository of Whois server for the service.

Major characteristics of Whois Services are as the following:

1. Functions
- Realization of Real time Whois Information Update function
- Construction of Centralized Whois Data Repository
- Construction and realization of Whois data and service delegation through Standard 43 port
- Realization of Publication function for Whois Information Delegation
- Realization of Whois access Web Service for Internet users
- Construction and realization of Hierarchical system for the stability of Whois service
- Security function for Whois Information Distribution

Figure [26-2] Whois System (Main Center)

Whois server provides service of following list of data entities to 〈Domain Names〉, 〈Name Server〉 and 〈Registrars〉.

〈Domain Names〉
- Domain Name
- Registrar
- Whois Server
- Referral URL
- Name Servers
- Status
- Updated Date
- Creation Date
- Expiration Date

〈Name Server〉
- Server Name
- IP Address
- Registrar
- Whois Server
- Referral URL

- Registrar Name
- Registrar contact details
- Registrar URL (Home Page)
- Registrar Whois URL

The gTLDʹs standard Whois format allows automated parsing of Whois information. Since data that can be deciphered can be easily edited, a more stable and formatted encoding mechanism can provide reliable Whois data to sites other than registrars.
For example, if an agency tracing infringement of brands desire to have Whois data automatically analyzed and saved in the tracing system, Whois information will have to be compatible with automatic processing to provide service. In order to it, Whois data will have to be in a format that can be deciphered.

The Whois Database of dot SAMSUNG(ʺ.SAMSUNGʺ) gTLD supports usage of multiple string and field searching. Boolean search, which is based on combination of all Whois fields, can be used.
In order to accommodate any form of data access regulations in present or in future, it will provide filtering functions based on the requestor or query type functions and profiles for decipherable data. This function satisfies any data privacy requests imposed on Whois data.
While having limits on Whois data receivers usage limitations, Bulk Access Program can provide Data Mart, in which users can download database.

Data Mart Bulk Access Program
- reduces Data Mining Load that can be imposed on core Whois service
- can restrict data usage of subscribers
- Whole data base is provided in formats that can easily be data mined, such as execution brand search, industrial statistics collection and directory service

Both Registrar and Delegee are allowed to the abilities to have substantial bulk access. Only the data within privacy restrictions by registry administrator, law, or agreement will be provided.
Once mutual agreement with client accessing registry is met, each of Full Incremental Data set is composed as XML document proper to contents and format request. Once XML document is produced, the next preparation step is processed.

2. Architecture
Dot SAMSUNG(ʺ.SAMSUNGʺ) gTLD provides updates near real time, as well as Whois service that combine different classes such as scalable base and redundancy. As the size of registry increases, additional Whois-based structure can be installed that can geographically distribute, strengthen specific locationʹs service level, and reduce the load on registry.
Diagram in Figure 26-3 explains about Architecture. Incoming queries from each Whois sites are distributed by the Whois server cluster load balancer connected respectively to Back End Cluster. By the addition of server to one of the two clusters, this provides redundancy and scalability.

Each of Whois server caches regular requests to memory, and queries back end database cluster on cache. Period can be set in which information can be cached before Whois data is erased. Once the data is erased, server will have to re-search DB in order to find it.

Figure [26-3] Whois Architecture Diagram

Figure 26-4 explains the update of Whois DB. When Central Registry DB is updated, system also updates Whois distributed servers at almost at the same time. This DB is then copied to Whois DB through security a private link or channel using SSL while Registry attaches digital signature to the update package to authenticate and ensure data integrity.

Figure [26-4] Whois Database Update Process Diagram

Whois Service of dot SAMSUNG(“.SAMSUNG”) gTLD provides the following advantages:
- Services can be expanded by the addition of server in each Whois cluster
- DB can be expanded by the addition of equipments in each Whois cluster
- Services can be expanded by placing Whois infrastructure in each DB cluster
- Redundancy succeeding to subordinate categories ensures higher availability
- Update process is always the newest, ensures availability that is almost real time
- Quickest reaction time for caching of regular queries

Whois service of dot SAMSUNG(“.SAMSUNG”) is provided by using either Web (port 80) or Standard 43 port. Web service can query Domain Names, Registrars, and Name Servers, while standard 43 port can only query Domain Names.
For both Web and Port 43, Whois service provides result by instantly searching Whois System DB when service user does a query. Thus there is no separate synchronization mechanism of Whois Server. Data extracted from SRS DB for Whois search is also applied real time to Whois Distributor when there is any change.

3. Abuse and mitigation
Abuse and mitigation method of Whois Service are as the following;
Since SAMSUNG SDS limits registration eligibility of new gTLD to employees of SAMSUNG SDS or its affiliates to prevent abuse and maintain accuracy of Whois, there is low chance of reckless registration abuse and Whois inaccuracy problems.
However, in case of an emergency situation, policies are as the following, and the domain will be prohibited and deleted according to Zero-Tolerance policy.

Whois Accuracy Policy
1) Registrants will be limited to employees of SAMSUNG SDS or its affiliates.
2) At least one of either registrant name and registrant email must be information associated with SAMSUNG SDS or its affiliates.
3) Registrant have obligation to regularly update for accurate and up-to-date Whois information.

Criteria for Registration Abuse
1) Usage of abusive, profane language that offensive against public morals.
2) Both registrant name and registrant email having no relevance to SAMSUNG SDS or its affiliates.
3) The website running with commercial purpose such as gambling and porno sites.
4) The registered domain undermining SAMSUNG SDSʹs image.
5) The registered domain infringing public interest.
6) Other cases in which domain usage is considered improper.

Abuse Prevention Policy (Zero-Tolerance)
1) Immediately after domain registration abuse is identified, registrant will be notified by the email, mail or fax registered in Whois and will be asked to modify within 10 days including holidays.
2) If no modification is made within 10 days after abuse identification, it will go into redemption period (Status: Redemption Period), and the registrant will be notified of this by the email, mail or fax registered in Whois.
3) Once 30 days pass after domain registration abuse is confirmed and redeemed, it will be deleted. (Status : Delete Period)

In case of a problem, contact us:
Director Name: New gTLD Administration
E-Mail: samsung@yesnic.com, gtld@yesnic.com
Fax Number: +82-2-2028-0011

Personnel for Whois service operation are listed as the following:

〈Whois Service Admin〉
- 1 person
- Planning & Policy of Whois System
- Over 7 years experiences

〈Whois Service Operation〉
- 1 person
- Development & Maintenance of Whois Service
- Over 2 years experiences

Systems for Whois service are listed as the following:

1) Whois Server 1
Location : KISA Main Center, Seoul, Korea
System : Oracle T6320
CPUs : 1.2Ghz × 1
Memory(MB) : 16GB
Total Storage(GB) : 98GB
Usage of CPU : 11%
Usage of Memory : 31%

2) Whois Server 2
Location : KISA Main Center, Seoul, Korea
System : Oracle T6320
CPUs : 1.2Ghz × 1
Memory(MB) : 16GB
Total Storage(GB) : 98GB
Usage of CPU : 10%
Usage of Memory : 31%

3) Whois Server 3 (Backup)
Location : KISA Backup Center, Seongnam, Korea
System : Dell R810
CPUs : 2.66Ghz × 2
Memory(MB) : 64GB
Total Storage(GB) : -
Usage of CPU : -
Usage of Memory : -

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