22 Describe proposed measures for protection of geographic names at the second and other levels in the applied-for gTLD

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.samsungSAMSUNG SDS CO., LTDyesnic.comView

Reserved names
As the registration eligibility of the new gTLD proposed by dot SAMSUNG or dot 삼성 is limited to SAMSUNG SDS, SAMSUNG group and its affiliates, it is predicted that the registered character strings will also be related to SAMSUNG or 삼성.

Therefore designation of reserved names for prevention for abusive registrations and other activities that have a negative impact on Internet users will be minimum.

SAMSUNG limits the New gTLD domain name registration composed of the following characters at the least. The list may be updated when ICANN or GAC requires addition of limited character strings or issued character string of Korea of the times.

1. The two-character string.
2. Reserved names specified by ICANN.
3. The abbreviations (in English) of all country and territory names contained on the ISO 3166-1 list.
4. The United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names, Technical Reference Manual for the Standardization of Geographical Names, Part III Names of Countries of the World.
5. The list of United Nations member states in all 6 official United Nations languages.
6. Characters undermining public moral and public interest of Republic of Korea.

Character strings that are limited is listed detail in the attached document.

Reserve release
If the limited character strings fall under the following items, limit clearance can be suggested to ICANN or release reserved names on the basis of Standard Korean Language Dictionary provided by the National Institute of the Korean Language:

1. limited string character related to trademarks recognized worldwide.
2. limited string character related to products recognized worldwide.
3. limited string character related to brands recognized worldwide.
4. limited string character related to improvement of public interest of Republic of Korea.
5. other cases in which an individual or company has right to limited string characters.

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