20(c) Provide a description of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

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These following values are shared by all existing and potential Member Organizations of the GMC and serve as the community based purpose of the .music TLD :
o Support and encouragement for equal access to musical education
o Support and respect for all who express themselves musically
o Support for the right for universal participation
o Support for musical artists to develop their artistry and communicate through all media, and all distribution channels at their disposal
o Preservation of the global musical heritage
o Support the right for music creators to obtain fair recognition and remuneration for their work.
o Commitment to universal protection of creative and intellectual property rights.

The .music TLD is intended to serve the interests of the global community of individuals and organizations engaged in the creation, development, distribution, and promotion of music, as well as the education of musicians and audiences alike. The creation of .music will enable a unique but encompassing identifier for the collective community of artists, musicians, songwriters, teachers, and the professionals who support them with a shared commitment to fostering musical creativity and the protection of intellectual property rights. The .music TLD will enact policies and procedures to protect, safeguard, nurture and promote the interests of the music community. Protective policies and procedures would inhibit abusive practices such as copyright infringement resulting from peer to peer (P2P) sharing, illegal digital distribution, and any type of Intellectual Property infringement involving the DNS. Doing so helps to ensure the financial viability of the artist and⁄or intellectual property owner. The music community cannot be sustained without protecting the value of its creation.

Registration policies will safeguard the exclusive nature of the community by requiring potential registrants to have a bona fide membership with an at least one Organization Member of Global Music Community, before they can acquire a .music address. This helps examine and affirm the motivation of the registrant, since all community member organizations must meet qualifications that support the communities shared values.

The dotMusic Registry will nurture music by funding education endowments, as well as providing the GMC member associations with an additional source of revenue. The dotMusic Registry will create a .music Foundation and contribute $1 for every domain registration sold at full wholesale price. This fund would be administered by the dotMusic Registry’s Policy Advisory Board who will determine the recipients of the endowment. These funds may be distributed to support music education, creative and intellectual property rights protection, music community benevolence organizations, or other music related financial aid. Member Organizations of the Global Music Community will also be able to sell second-level .music domain names as domain name resellers. Those resellers who opt to use .music’s Application Programming Interface (API) will receive shared revenue for each registration that comes from within their membership through the integrated API system.

Our ultimate purpose is to sustain the art of music so that more and more people can enjoy music.

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