18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.集团Eagle Horizon Limitedzodiac-corp.comView

This applied-for string allows any Chinese corporate group (not just limited to China) to have an online identity that this corporate deserves to have in this Internet age. It also helps to promote Chinese companies to the rest of the world. < b r />< b r /> On the service level, the registrants of the applied-for TLD will enjoy a comprehensive security protection thanks to the registry service provided by KNET, the back-end service provider for the applied-for TLD. < b r />< b r /> The KNET Shared Registry Platform (“KSRP”) is designed, implemented and operated to provide high availability, secure, robust and scalable registry services. KSRP shall fully conform to, and exceed the Registry Performance Specifications (Specification 10 of the gTLD Registry Agreement). < b r />< b r /> Overall, the applicant aims to build up the TLD as the most secure and reputable space for Chinese corporate groups in the virtual world. < b r />< b r /> What do you anticipate your proposed TLD will add to the current space, in terms of competition, differentiation, or innovation? < b r />< b r /> Addition of “.STRING” TLD to the current space will add more variety to the current space, which will give Internet users, especially Chinese Internet users more choice on their preferred domain names to associate with their online communications. In the meantime, addition of the “.STRING” will no doubt increase competition in the domain name industry. This is exactly the intention of ICANN to open up the new gTLD application process. Currently, there are only 22 gTLDs, most of which are of slight differences. Adding up “.STRING”, and hundreds or even thousands of new TLDs in this virtually unlimited space will greatly improve the competition among the TLDs. The more competition, the better the services and prices the registrants and Internet users will enjoy. < b r />< b r /> With the advent of thousands of new gTLDs in the market in the foreseeable future, it can be predicted that the competition is fierce. How to win in this constructive chaos? The key lies in differentiation and innovation. As an IDN string, “.STRING” TLD will position itself as a localized service providing premium domain name service to Chinese corporate groups on the Internet. < b r />< b r /> In terms of innovation, “.STRING” TLD will dedicated to foster a secure and reliable environment for e-commerce. In order to achieve this purpose, “.STRING” TLD is considering providing with additional security measures to ensure a safe and stable space both for registrants and Internet users. < b r />< b r /> What goals your proposed gTLD have in terms of user experience? < b r />< b r /> Intuitive and Precise: < b r /> As mentioned before, the “.STRING” means “Corporate Group” in Chinese language. With the introduction of “.STRING” to the Chinese TLD market, the Chinese Internet users can use “.STRING” in more natural way that is consistent with their daily communication. Secondly, Using “STRING” as a TLD will be intuitive and easy for native Chinese speakers to remember, which will in turn greatly simplify and facilitate the utilization of this domain name and the access to the Internet. < b r />< b r /> Dedicated and reputable: < b r /> Due to its intuitive and precise nature, corporate groups would be able to use “.STRING” domain name as their primary domain name to build up their online presence for Chinese visitors. The Internet users, on the other side, would like to visit at websites with “.STRING” domain names because the “.STRING” domain names mean reputable corporate groups. < b r />< b r /> Overall, the “.STING” TLD will be seen as the dedicated and reputable space for corporate groups. With the adoption of “.STRING” TLD, Chinese Internet users will enjoy a much more friendly online environment. < b r />< b r /> Provide a complete description of the applicant’s intended registration policies in support of the goals listed above. < b r /> In summary, the registration policy for “.STRING” TLD will be designed as such to reflect the mission and purpose of this specialized space: < b r />< b r /> Open Registration < b r />< b r /> “.STRING” is open to registration by anybody. < b r />< b r /> String Policy < b r />< b r /> Valid IDN characters are able to register at the sub-level. Please refer to answer to Question 15 for the applicable IDN characters in the IDN table. More registration requirements on IDNs please refer to the answer to Question 44. < b r />< b r /> In addition, ASCII characters can also be registered as a sub-level Domain name. allowed ASCII characters are the English-language letters A through Z, the digits 0 through 9 and hyphens (LDH -- Letters, Digits, Hyphens). < b r />< b r />   a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - < b r />< b r /> Hyphens however cannot be used for the first or last character of the second level domain name. Spaces and special characters (such as !, $, &, é, and so on) are not acceptable. The maximum number of LDH characters accepted for a second level domain is 63. < b r />< b r />< b r /> WHOIS Policy < b r />< b r /> “.STRING” shall operate as a ʺthickʺ registry, in which all of the information associated with registered entities, including both technical information and social information is stored within a central registry repository. < b r />< b r /> The Applicant shall abide with any relevant ICANN Whois Policy. < b r />< b r /> Others < b r />< b r /> * UDRP and URS as described in the answer to Question 29 < b r /> * Sunrise and Landrush process as describe in the answer to Question 29 < b r /> * Geographic name restriction as described in answer to Question 22 < b r /> * Trademark protection as describe in answer to Question 29 < b r /> * Domain Name Lifecycle as describe in answer to Question 27 < b r /> * Data Privacy as describe in Question 18(c) below < b r /> * Reserved and Blacklist label as describe in the answer to Question 22 and 29 < b r />< b r />< b r />< b r /> Will your proposed TLD impose any measures for protecting the privacy or confidential information of registrants or users? If so, please describe any such measures. < b r />< b r /> The Applicant will adopt appropriate policies to protect the privacy of registrants and its domain name users in line with the policies by ICANN as well as the privacy regulation of Hong Kong which the Applicant is incorporated. < b r />< b r /> As such policy and regulation may be modified in the future, the Applicant will also amend its privacy policy accordingly. < b r />< b r /> Specifically, the Applicant is subjected to the Hong Kong Ordinance No 81 of 1995 known as “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance”. In brief, the Applicant shall < b r /> * indicate to the registrant what’s the purpose of the personal information collected would be used for and how it would be used. < b r /> * only use personal data for the purpose as indicated to the registrant < b r /> * allow registrant to request information the Applicant hold about them within 40 days of their requests. The Applicant may request registrant to prove their identity and pay a reasonable fee before such request is processed. < b r /> * correct or delete the information if the registrants informs the Applicant of any inaccurate information. < b r /> * impose additional requirements for third party to access the personal information < b r /> * acknowledge that the registrants may sue the Applicant for damages results from the releasing data that the Applicant should have kept confidential or from any other breach of the Ordinance. < b r />< b r /> In general, the Applicant stipulates how the personal information will be collected and used and how the WHOIS information will be displayed. Any information other than the WHOIS shall not be collected and used. No personal information will be collected without the consent of the registrants and the registrants shall have the Rights to Confidential, Rights to Knowledge, Rights to Opt-out⁄Change Data⁄Prohibit Use. < b r />< b r /> The information submitted by the registrants shall be regarded as classified information and shall be processed by specially designated personnel. Without the written consent of registrants, the information collected cannot be used in the way other than WHOIS purpose. < b r />< b r /> The back-end service provider shall deploy security measures to protect the integrity of the database against potential stealth or unintended leakage. Please refer to answer to Question 30 for more information in this regard. < b r />< b r /> Describe whether and in what ways outreach and communication will help to achieve your projected benefits. < b r />< b r /> The “.STRING” TLD envision itself as the premium space for e-commerce and online shopping services in Chinese community. The projected benefits such as protection of the registrants, consumer trust and a secure and stable Internet will be achieved through secure registry service as well as effective community outreach activities. < b r />< b r /> During the application period, the Applicant will reach out to major registrars and resellers serving the Chinese community (particularly in China) to negotiate future cooperation. < b r />< b r /> Prior to the successful application of “.STRING”, the Applicant shall begin early communication via press releases and media interviews within the Chinese media to ensure companies and individuals would be well-informed of the pending launch of “.STRING”. The Applicant may take pre-registration to gauge the demand but will not accept any advance payment. < b r />< b r /> After the Applicant has signed the registry agreement with ICANN, the Applicant will embark on a 30 days targeted Sunrise marketing campaign to ensure companies and trademark owners participate in the “.STRING” Sunrise. The Applicant shall provide a code of conduct to its marketing partners to prevent any spam abuse or misrepresentation of “.STRING” sunrise. < b r />< b r /> Following the “.STRING” sunrise, the Applicant shall organize a Landrush ceremony in China and⁄or Hong Kong, inviting partners (e.g. registrars) as well as media representatives. The Applicant will also begin the extensive marketing, including online and offline advertising. The Landrush marketing effort will also last another 60 days. < b r />< b r /> After the launch of “.STRING”, the Applicant, from time to time, will embark on marketing and communication campaign to promote the utilization and adoption of “.STRING”. The Applicant will also actively seek out ingenious usage of “.STRING” and to work with them to promote the awareness and positive use of “.STRING”.

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