20(e) Provide a description of the applicant's intended registration policies in support of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

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Only IEEE Global LLC (“IG”) may register Domain Names in the gTLD.


Upon written request, IG will register or renew the registration of a domain name in the gTLD (a “DN”) for a requested number of years, and associate that DN with a specified IP address, where these conditions are met:

1) Request is made in writing by a) The Institute of Electrical or Electronics Engineers, Incorporated (“IEEE”) or one of its subsidiaries or b) a group of IEEE members established by IEEE, and not terminated, pursuant to Art. V, § 1 of the IEEE Constitution;

2) Request specifies the content to be used with the DN, and that content is compliant with the Content Rules;

3) DN is not already in use by another party, and when considered in relation to the content specified in the request, complies with the Naming Rules; and

4) Requesting party agrees to comply with a) the Content Rules, b) all laws governing use of the DN and content associated with it; and c) the most recent version of any terms of use, privacy policy, registration agreement, and⁄or dispute procedure that IG may establish to ensure compliance with laws or contractual obligations unrelated to the gTLD’s community-based purpose (“Ancillary Rules”).

A party meeting these requirements, upon IG’s association of the DN with the specified IP address, shall be a “DN User.” IG’s denial of any request shall be a “Refusal of Use.”

The Naming Rules:

Each DN must identify, describe, or relate to the content associated with it. E.g., a DN for a Society’s website would name the Society, in full or shortened form; a DN for the digital library IEEE Xplore might be Xplore.IEEE; the DN of the Tokyo Section might be TokyoSection.IEEE.

Each DN must comply with any Naming Conventions that IG may establish in consultation with or at the direction of its sole member, IEEE. Naming Conventions may be used to ensure predictability, uniformity, and reasonable length of DNs. (E.g, a convention might hold that DNs associated with websites of IEEE Sections should follow the format [GeographicArea].Section.IEEE.)

No name that is specifically reserved in Specification 5 of IG’s Registry Agreement with ICANN may be registered in the gTLD, except for any name that has been approved for release by pursuant to the Registry Agreement.

Rules for Content:

Content associated with DNs must be in furtherance of IEEE’s purposes, as provided in Art. I, § 2 of the IEEE Constitution, or in furtherance of IEEE as an organization and community, including, without limitation, information about membership, IEEE news, and sales of IEEE-branded products and services. Content not meeting this requirement shall be “Non-Conforming Content.”

Related to DN: Content which is not reasonably identified, described, or related to the DN shall be “Non-Conforming Content.”

Design Standards: Content which does not comply with any Design Standards that IG may establish in consultation with or at the direction of its sole member, IEEE, shall be “Non-Conforming Content.” (Design Standards may be established, for example, to increase community cohesiveness, ensure consistent use of the IEEE brand, or for accessibility for people with disabilities.)

Required Content Rules: Content which does not include items required under any Required Content Rules which IG may establish in consultation with or at the direction of its sole member, IEEE, shall be “Non-Conforming Content.” Required Content Rules may require, for example, information identifying IEEE sub-units as part of IEEE, legal information such as privacy policies, links to IEEE’s website, or contact information for IG.

Discriminatory Content: Content that is contrary to the IEEE Policy on Nondiscrimination (see http:⁄⁄ieee.org⁄about⁄corporate⁄governance⁄p9-26.html) may never be associated with the gTLD and shall be “Discriminatory Content.”


IG will from time to time conduct Content Reviews and, as part of this effort, shall endeavor to review at least some portion of the content associated with each DN (e.g., the first page of each website) on a regular basis.

IG will provide the IEEE community with a simple means to share with it 1) ideas for improving the gTLD and 2) reports of Non-Conforming Content or Discriminatory Content.

Non-Conforming Content: Upon learning of Non-Conforming Content, IG may, immediately, or after first making informal requests, issue a “Content Order” requiring that the DN User eliminate such content immediately.

If Non-Conforming Content has not been fully eliminated within two (2) business days following issuance of a Content Order, IG may, at its discretion, immediately disassociate the DN from the IP Address, or issue a subsequent Content Order requiring that remaining Non-Conforming Content be eliminated immediately.

Discriminatory Content: Upon learning of any Discriminatory Content, IG may, at its discretion, either immediately disassociate the DN from the IP Address or issue a Content Order requiring that the Discriminatory Content be eliminated immediately. If the Discriminatory Content has not been fully eliminated within two (2) business days thereafter, IG shall immediately disassociate the DN from the IP Address.

IG’s act of disassociating a DN from an IP Address hosting Non-Conforming or Discriminatory Content or shall be called “Disassociation.”

Cancellation or Redirection of DN: Within two (2) months following any Disassociation, IG shall either 1) cancel the DN registration or 2) redirect the DN to a new IP address with content that is compliant with these Policies (either act hereafter, “Cancellation or Redirection”), unless:

1) An appeal to the Appeal Body (as defined herein) is pending, in which case IG shall act in accordance with that body’s decision, when issued; or

2) All Non-Conforming or Discriminatory Content has been removed to the satisfaction of IG, whether or not an appeal was filed with the Appeal Body.

IG may immediately institute Cancellation or Redirection if, at any time within two months after Disassociation, the DN User states that it no longer wishes to use the DN.

The Appeal Body:

Appointments: IG’s President, in consultation with or at the direction of IG’s sole member, IEEE, shall appoint one or more individuals to the Appeal Body. If more than one individual is appointed to the Appeal Body, enough shall be appointed to ensure that the Appeal Body contains an odd number of individuals.

Individuals so appointed shall be IEEE members in good standing and⁄or part of IEEE’s Management Council. No individual sitting on the Appeal Body shall hold any position within IG, and reasonable efforts shall be made to select individuals without interests that may conflict with the duties of the Appeal Body.

Procedure: Within two (2) months following any Refusal of Use or Disassociation, the affected party may appeal in writing to the Appeal Body, with copy to IG, and explain any contention that IG’s decision was not justified under these Policies. IG shall submit any reply to the Appeal Body within two (2) weeks thereafter. Within two (2) months of its actual receipt of the appeal, and upon consideration of any and all arguments and any other information it deems relevant, the Appeal Body shall uphold or reverse the Refusal of Use or Disassociation. If the Appeal Body contains more than one individual, its decision shall be determined by simple majority vote of those present at the time of the vote, provided that a quorum, defined as 2⁄3rds of the Appeal Body, is present.

Effect: A decision of the Appeal Body is binding on IG and the DN User. IG shall act promptly to institute any reversal.

Other Laws and Rules:

These Policies are designed only to ensure that the gTLD serves the IEEE community. IG is not bound to follow, and will not follow, these Policies to the extent they are contrary to any applicable laws, rules that IG is contractually bound to follow (including, without limitation, a transfer order made pursuant to the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy), or any Ancillary Rules.


If IG decides to modify these Policies, or establish any Ancillary Rules, it will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that such actions do not reduce the capacity of the gTLD to serve the needs of the IEEE community. Such efforts shall include seeking the input and advice of members of the IEEE community, at a minimum by sending notification of proposed changes by email to all DN Users.

Resources Allocated For Enforcement:

Pursuant to a March 21, 2012 services agreement and March 21, 2012 funding agreement with IEEE, IG has available sufficient resources – in the form of employees, facilities, hardware, and software – and shall use those resources for that purpose to enforce the gTLD’s community-based purpose.

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