18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.nowOne.com A⁄Sone.comView

The Applicant, One.com is an innovative supplier of web hosting services. One.com (previously B-one) was established in 2002 in Denmark and is today one of the leading companies in Europe within the provision of domain names and sales of web hosting services.

Since the foundation of One.com (B-one at the time) in 2002 by Jacob Jensen, One.com has experienced constant growth and has today more than 900.000 customers in 149 countries.

One.com is part of a group with B-ONE FZ-LLC, One.com Webhosting Ltd. and One.com India Private Limited (collectively referred to as the ‘One.com Group’). Today, the One.com Group has more than 150 employees, the majority of which (about 88 employees) is working for the Applicant, One.com. One.com (and the entire One.com Group) has a healthy, strong financial position and is fully geared to meeting the potentials and challenges of the future. Services provided by the Applicant, One.com, are sold through B-ONE FZ-LLC. The Applicant, One.com, operates engineering and support departments, placed in Denmark, and is offering support in the following languages: Danish, German, Dutch, French, Norwegian, Swedish and Italian. Support in English is provided by B-ONE FZ LLC. The support departments of the One.com Group answer more than 90.000 inquiries monthly. Apart from development and support services, the Applicant also provides hosting facilities, administration and registration services to customers of the One.com Group.

According to the Applicant, the purpose of the TLD is manifold, as will be further explained below:
i. Reflect and operate a distinctive element that is aimed to identify the Applicant’s services (“NOW”) at the top level of the DNS’ hierarchy;
ii. Provide customers and other stakeholders of the One.com Group, including, subsidiaries, and their respective suppliers, sponsorships, and their respective directors, officers, employees, with a recognizable and trusted identifier on the Internet;
iii. Provide such stakeholders with a secure and safe Internet environment that is mainly under the control of the Applicant, the One.com Group and its subcontractors;
iv. Provide selected stakeholders in ‘NOW’ brands with the opportunity to create a secure and safe Internet environment that is to a large extent under control of the Applicant and⁄or such stakeholders;

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