18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.BBCBritish Broadcasting Corporationbbc.co.ukView

The BBC is the worldʹs leading public service broadcaster. Its mission is to enrich peopleʹs lives with programmes that inform, educate and entertain.
Established by a Royal Charter in 1927, the BBC has six key public purposes:
1. Sustaining citizenship and civil society
The BBC provides high-quality news, current affairs and factual programming to engage its viewers, listeners and users in important current and political issues.
2. Promoting education and learning
The support of formal education in schools and colleges and informal knowledge and skills building outside of formal education contexts.
3. Stimulating creativity and cultural excellence
Encouraging interest, engagement and participation in cultural, creative and sporting activities across the UK.
4. Representing the UK, its nations, regions and communities
BBC viewers, listeners and users can rely on the BBC to reflect the many communities that exist in the UK.
5. Bringing the UK to the world and the world to the UK
The BBC builds a global understanding of international issues and broadens UK audiencesʹ experience of different cultures.
6. Delivering to the public the benefit of emerging communications technologies and services
Assisting people to get the best out of emerging media technologies both now and in the future.

As a Public Service Broadcaster, the BBC is funded by a licence fee paid by all UK television-viewing households. The BBC’s income from the licence fee funds its services, including 10 national TV channels plus regional programming, 10 national radio stations, 40 local radio stations and extensive website, online and on-demand services.
BBC World Service broadcasts to many countries around the world on radio, on TV and online, providing news and information in 27 languages as well as in English.

The BBC also has a number of commercial ventures, including BBC Worldwide and BBC World News, that make available BBC programming worldwide. Profits from these activities are returned to the BBC for investment in new programmes and services.

The BBCʹs Online services, predominantly offered through the BBC website at bbc.co.uk, offer a wide range of BBC programming, including news, sport, entertainment, weather, children’s programming and knowledge and learning.
The BBC website at bbc.co.uk has been developed to enable audience access on a variety of internet-connected devices, including tablets, smartphones and connected TVs, as well as computers.
The BBC’s website is also the place where audiences can access the BBC’s vast archive of radio and television programmes which are made available digitally and curated through the BBC iPlayer multi-platform for on-demand viewing.
In addition, the BBC offers an interactive television service, BBC Red Button, which provides audiences with a choice of content being broadcasted simultaneously, such as alternative tennis matches at Wimbledon, news headlines from the BBC News channel, or interactive games from the BBC’s children’s channel CBeebies.
The BBC is developing Online services to provide audiences with simple access to even more content on the latest internet-connected TVs to further deliver benefits of emerging technologies to the public.

The mission of a .BBC registry will be to enhance BBC Online services for its audiences in line with the BBC’s overall mission and public purposes by providing the BBC with a new technology platform for future innovation. Additionally the BBC registry is seeking to protect the integrity of the world famous BBC brand in the domain name system.

The purpose of a .BBC registry, which will be a standard registry as opposed to a community-based registry, is:

• To provide a new, stable, scaleable and secure platform for BBC Online services that is within the direct control of the BBC

• To keep the BBC at the forefront of internet technological developments

• To ensure that the integrity of the BBC brand is maintained. The BBC has a wide portfolio of registered intellectual property rights around the world and securing the term “BBC” in the domain name system is an extension of the BBC’s brand protection policies.

The global success of a .BBC registry will be judged in the long-term by the security, stability and innovation it brings to BBC audiences and users of BBC Online services and by the enhancement of the value in the BBC brand. The .BBC registry’s success will not be determined by the number of domains created or by income generated by registrations.

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