18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.thehartfordHartford Fire Insurance Companythehartford.comView

The .THEHARTFORD gTLD will be a closed registry. The Hartford’s DNS Admin will serve as the sole registrant to all .THEHARTFORD domain names. Only Hartford Users will be able to submit a request for the registration of a domain name, and only those with a verified relationship with The Hartford will be granted requests. After a Hartford User requests the registration of a domain name, The Hartford will verify and authenticate that it is a bona fide Hartford User and will verify the Hartford User’s identity and other pertinent information (such as identifying information, including birth date and address, etc., as applicable) to determine whether to issue the domain name per the Hartford User’s request. If Hartford Users with the same name request a domain name registration, The Hartford will provide differing nomenclature. There will be no fees charged and no auctions conducted for any .THEHARTFORD domain names.

The Hartford’s operating rules will limit .THEHARTFORD domain name registration requests to Hartford Users only, thereby substantially decreasing the risk of fraud, scams, or other user vulnerabilities. The DNS Admin will be the sole registrant of all .THEHARTFORD domain names and any changes to .THEHARTFORD domain names will be made by the DNS Admin. This will enhance the security of the TLD. By providing a single branded source for all of The Hartford’s business and services, The Hartford hopes to reduce the potential consumer vulnerability present in the current Internet structure and reduce social costs in providing only one portal for authorized The Hartford communications and services. The Hartford does not plan to charge registrants any fees for domain name registrations since The Hartford will be the only registrant for .THEHARTFORD domain names.

This is a closed registry and The Hartford will be the sole registrant of .THEHARTFORD domain names. The Hartford does not plan on charging any fees for any domain name registration. The Hartford’s registrar will have the option of offering registrations from one to ten year increments. Because there will be no charge for registrations, notice of price increases is neither relevant nor applicable.

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