20(b) Explain the applicant's relationship to the community identified in 20(a)

Prototypical answer:

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.bzhAssociation www.bzhafnic.frView

Table of contents

1 - Relations to any community organizations
2 - Relations to the community and its constituent parts⁄groups
3 - Accountability mechanisms of the applicant to the community

Explanations should clearly state:

1 - Relations to any community organizations

The community has several dimensions that relate to the attachment to the territory of Brittany, its culture and languages: territorial, cultural and linguistic dimensions. The applicant association to the .BZH registry is based on an open (multi-stakeholder) model that allows all (cultural, business, linguistic…) organizations of the community to take part in the life of the register and get involved in the management of .BZH.

The applicant is supported by institutions relative to the cultural and linguistic reference area (see question 20 f): French government, Regional Council of Brittany…, that have a relationship with all organizations in the community.

The application fees for the ICANN procedure have thus been funded by the Regional Council of Brittany.

2 - Relations to the community and its constituent parts⁄groups

The association www.bzh, applicant for the .bzh registry, was created in 2008 by the merging of converging initiatives from various members of the community (see question 18). Since its creation, the association has worked to bring together all people and organizations representative of the community that support the .bzh registry project.

The association www.bzh is thus divided into five electoral colleges that make up the community:
* Associations
* Businesses
* Local communities and public institutions
* Individuals
* Founding members of the association.

This structure is intended to reflect the diversity of players and take into account all the interests of the community.

The community has expressed its support through the online petition (more than 20,000 signatures) on the association’s website (http:⁄⁄www.pointbzh.com) and through the number of letters of support from various organizations representative of the community in Brittany and around the world (see question 20 f).

3 - Accountability mechanisms of the applicant to the community

The association www.bzh is managed by a directory elected for 3 years by the general assembly that represents all the community members that are part of the association. The directory presents each year its moral and financial statement to the general assembly. The directories actions are also monitored by a board that permanently controls the executive on behalf of the community and reports to the general assembly about the directory’s management. The board involves all of the components of the community (multi-stakeholder model): each of the five colleges that represent a part of the community elects two representatives to the board. Three elected representatives of the Regional Council of Brittany, elected by universal suffrage, are also members of the board.

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