20(d) Explain the relationship between the applied-for gTLD string and the community identified in 20(a)

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.archiSTARTING DOTjwgroupe.comView

The word ʺarchitectureʺ comes from the Latin, ʺarchitecturaʺ and ultimately from Greek, ʺarkitektonʺ, αρχιτεκτων, an architect, or more precisely ʺmaster builderʺ, from the combination of αρχι a ʺchiefʺ or ʺleaderʺ and τεκτων, a ʺbuilderʺ or ʺcarpenter.
While the primary application of the word ʺarchitectureʺ pertains to the built environment, by extension, the term has come to denote the art and discipline of creating an actual, or inferring an implied or apparent plan of any complex object or system.
In at least 8 languages, “archi” is a well-known short-form of “architect”, which is the community the .archi gTLD intends to serve:
- “archi”, short-form for “architecte” in French;
- “archi”, short-form for “Architekt” in German;
- “archi”, short-form for “architect” in English;
- “archi”, short-form for “architekt” in Polish;
- “archi”, short-form for “architekt” in Czech;
- “archi”, short-form for “architetto” in Italian;
- “archi”, short-form for “architektas” in Lithuanian;
- “archi”, short-form for “architekt” in Slovak.
“Archi” is included in the name “International Union of Architects”.
Many top architecture firms have included “archi”, “architecture or “architects” in their brand or trade name (e.g. BWS Architects, HDR Architecture, CO Architect). It clearly demonstrates the community’s identification with these words.
“Archi” is also recognized by the public as a term meaning “architect” or “architecture”. As an example, in March 2012, Google AdWords Keyword Tool has registered:
- 2.2 million requests for the word “architect”;
- 1.8 million requests for the term “archi”.
Also, many existing websites dedicated to architecture use the terms “arch” or “archi” in their domain name:
- www.archdaily.com;
- www.architonic.com;
- http:⁄⁄archidose.blogspot.com⁄;
- www.archi-students.org;
- www.archi-ninja.com;
- www.archicentral.com;
- www.archi-buro.eu.
“Archi” is therefore the most suited term for a gTLD intended to serve qualified architects and their immediate environment all over the world.

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